Thoughts on Samhain

Those who came before
We remember you.
We learned from you,
We evolved from you.
We are one and the same.
We live, we grow, we bleed, we die,
Your story, our story.

We look around this changing world.
We don’t know our future, will it be good or bad?
Your fears, our fears.

Will there be peace or war?
Will the crops ripen, or will our young fail
in man-made devastation?
Your worries, our worries.

No matter what life throws at us, we live on,
we make our way forward, sometimes quickly,
sometimes, oh so slowly, shouldering burdens.
Your strength, our strength.

We watch the glorious sunset, autumn trees.
We rejoice in the birth of a precious child,
the soft, snuffly nose of a dog.
Your joys, our joys.

We see a loved one pass
from those we are now
to those who came before.
Your sadness, our sadness.

And life moves on, with its joys and sadness,
hopes and fears, till we too
become ‘those who came before.’

Written by Portland Jones, PF Disabilities Liaison for the West Midlands