We often get asked for books and websites that carry content for Pagan families and children. Here’s a list we have gathered from all over the place – though it should be noted that we haven’t checked out each one individually so cannot vouch for quality.

Our own available resources:







The Junior Witch’s Handbook: A Kid’s Guide to White Magic, Spells, and Rituals by Nikki Van De Car
Intended for children between the ages of eight and twelve, who are curious about the possibility of ‘something more’ in their lives, this handbook focuses on three major areas of the witch’s life: friendship, personal fulfilment, and family. Each section includes spells, rituals, potions, and other useful information, such as tables about crystals, chakras, and herbs.

A Pagan Book of Holidays: Children’s Poems for Prayer and Practice by J.C. Artemisia
Introduce your kids to sabbat myth and lore with fun, engaging poems and blessings, perfect for Pagan and Wicca practicing families. 
A Pagan Book of Holidays is a poetry collection designed to engage young Pagans with the stories and natural blessings of solstices, equinoxes, and cross-quarter Pagan holidays.
Each story offers reflections on nature, practice, and prayer.

Witch-Lits Volume One by Hesperides Garden
The complete volume 1 of Witch~Lits is all four magazines compiled to make this one fantastic book! This book (like the magazine) is designed to bring magick topics to life through articles and activities planned for the Pagan family.
This volume covers four topics over the four seasons: Spring ~ The Magick Color Summer ~ Numerology Autumn ~ Wheel of the Year Winter ~ The Magick of Story Also covered are the eight major Pagan sabbaths at the appropriate time according to seasons. Use this book to keep with the season or as a general reference book for the topics covered.

Long Night Moon by Cynthia Rylant
Have you ever stopped to consider what might be revealed in one spot over one year by twelve unique and exquisite full moons?

Growing Up Pagan by Raine Hill
Finally, a children’s workbook designed for Pagan families! Rich, exciting stories to read together and discuss, as well as activities to reinforce lessons in a fun way. Chock-full of puzzles, games, mythology, beautiful illustrations, and Pagan symbols, this workbook teaches the basic Wiccan belief system.Let this be a family affair, with parents, older siblings, and young children taking part in a “something-for-everyone” Pagan experience. A teaching tool for Pagan families, or others wanting to teach their children diversity.

The Basics of Heathenry for Kids
by Jennifer Lohr

A tool for parents and care-givers to address the very basics of heathenry and paganism. Easy reading and appropriate for young minds on a level they can appreciate and enjoy learning about heathen culture in history, as well as today.

What is an Altar? (Pagan Children Learning Series) by Rowan Moss
What is an Altar? is a companion-reader book for children and parents, exploring the basics—what an altar is and how one can be created and utilized.  Whimsical illustrations and purposefully upbeat and simple language will delight the eye and open communication.
Each book in the Pagan Children Learning Series is a beginner’s introduction that allows room for discussion of your family’s own beliefs in every lesson!

What is Magic? (Pagan Children Learning Series) by Rowan Moss
What is Magic (Book #2) is a companion-reader book for children and parents, exploring the basics – the nature of magic and what it can do! Whimsical illustrations and purposefully upbeat and simple language will delight the eye and open communication.
Each book in the Pagan Children Learning Series is a beginner’s introduction that allows room for discussion of your family’s own beliefs in every lesson!

Who Is A Witch (Pagan Children Learning Series) by Rowan Moss
Who is a Witch? Is a companion-reader book for children and parents exploring the basics – what makes a witch special and who a witch might be in a child’s life.
Whimsical illustrations and purposefully upbeat and simple language will delight the eye and open communication.
Each book in the Pagan Children Learning Series is a beginner’s introduction that allows room for discussion of your family’s own belief in every lesson!

The Earth Child’s Handbook – Book 1: Crafts and inspiration for the spiritual child.: Volume 1 by Brigid Ashwood
The Earth Child’s Handbook is a primer, reference, craft and activity book series for families that follow Pagan, Wiccan and Earth Based spiritual paths. Designed to appeal to all age groups (and grown-ups too!), the books address common Pagan belief and practices, explaining the principles and traditions behind them.

The Earth Child’s Handbook – Book 2: Crafts and inspiration for the spiritual child.: Volume 2
The Earth Child’s Handbook is a primer, reference, craft and activity book series for families that follow Pagan, Wiccan and Earth Based spiritual paths. Designed to appeal to all age groups (and grown-ups too!), the books address common Pagan beliefs and practices, explaining the principles and traditions behind them.

The Magickal Family: Pagan Living in Harmony with Nature by Monica Crosson
The Magickal Family is a real-life guide for those who want to practice magick and simplicity but need a little nudge to break out of the work-a-day world. Filled with tips, ideas, and projects to bring you and your family closer to nature and to celebrate the Goddess, this book shows how to be true to your magickal self while raising little witchlings and creating a life you’re proud of.
Discover a load of validation, encouragement, and techniques for thriving in the modern world with gardening, kitchen witchery, tinctures and herbal remedies, crafts, recipes, reusing and recycling, and working with the wheel of the year.

Circle Round: Raising Children in the Goddess Tradition by Starhawk
In our rushed, stressed society, it’s sometimes difficult to spend meaningful time as a family. Now Starhawk, Diane Baker, and Anne Hill offer new ways to foster a sense of togetherness through celebrations that honor the sacredness of life and our Mother Earth. Goddess tradition embraces the wheel of life, the never-ending cycle of birth, growth, love, fulfillment, and death. Each turn of the wheel is presented here, in eight holidays spanning the changing seasons, in rites of passage for life transitions, and in the elements of fire, air, water, earth, and spirit. Circle Round is rich with songs, rituals, craft and cooking projects, and read-aloud stories, as well as suggestions for how you can create your own unique family traditions. Here are just some of the ways to make each event in the cycle of life more special

Celebrating the Great Mother: A Handbook of Earth-Honoring Activities for Parents and Children by Cait Johnson
Adults have a wide array of books to help explore earth-based spirituality. But what if they want to include their children?
Here is a handbook to help parents, caregivers, teachers, and counselors create meaningful spiritual experiences that will inspire children of all ages. The ideas, suggestions, and activities collected here show how to bring children into rituals that celebrate seasonal cycles and help reclaim the spiritual roots of today’s modern holidays. With surprisingly little effort, earth-centered activities and rituals can be incorporated into simple daily routines.
Part 1, “Handbook for Earth-Connected Parenting,” gives techniques for developing a child’s inner wisdom and sense of the sacred: dream journals, visualization, Tarot play, talismans, and interactions with the natural world

The Shortest Day: Celebrating the Winter Solstice by Wendy Pfeffer
The beginning of winter is marked by the solstice, the shortest day of the year. Long ago, people grew afraid when each day had fewer hours of sunshine than the day before. Over time, they realized that one day each year the sun started moving toward them again.
In lyrical prose and cozy illustrations, this book explains what the winter solstice is and how it has been observed by various cultures throughout history. Many contemporary holiday traditions were borrowed from ancient solstice celebrations.

Elsie and Pooka Stories – Summer by Lora Craig-Gaddis
Elsie is a little witch and herbalist. Pooka is her cat. Children will laugh and learn along with Pooka about the pagan holidays of Litha and Lughnasadh. (The stories are written to entertain adults as well.) Each holiday chapter contains 6 “Pooka” stories along with spells, recipes, crafts and herbal lore – all designed to help our littlest witches enjoy the celebration also!

Elsie and Pooka Stories of the Sabbats and Seasons – Winter by Lora Craig-Gaddis
“There are many kinds of witches in the world.Elsie was a country witch. She lived in a cottage at the edge of a forest and, nearby, was a village where Elsie sold her herbal cures and potions.Now, most witches have a special animal friend. Elsie’s was a little black cat named Pooka.
Pooka tried his hardest to behave. He really did! But some days it seemed like everything he did just landed him in trouble – and today was one of those days….”Since the very first “Elsie & Pooka” story was written, children all over the world have fallen in love with the diminutive duo. Adults appreciate the stories as well since they introduce kids to the Pagan holidays in a manner that is playful and entertaining. Elsie, with her gentle wisdom, provides a positive role model while children identify with Pooka. He asks questions. He makes them laugh. He even gets into trouble. And, as Pooka learns about the Wheel of the Year, children learn also. In addition to the stories, there are crafts, recipes, rituals and herbal lore for each holiday created especially for little witches.

Elsie and Pooka Stories – Spring by Lora Craig-Gaddis
From the popular Pooka Pages magazine for pagan kids, these stories guide children through the Wheel of the Year in a way that is entertaining and amusing. Elsie is a young witch and herbalist. Pooka, her familiar, is a small, mischievous cat.
Through these pages, Elsie, with her patience and gentle wisdom, provides a positive role model and instructor while children identify with Pooka. He asks questions. He makes them laugh. Sometimes, he even gets into trouble. They learn as he learns.

The Elsie and Pooka Wheel of the Year: Autumn by Lora Craig-Gaddis
These stories will guide children through the Fall holidays of Mabon and Samhain in a way that teaches while entertaining. Elsie is a young witch and herbalist. Pooka, her familiar, is a small, mischievous cat. Elsie, with her patience and gentle wisdom, provides a positive role model and instructor while children identify with Pooka.
He asks questions. He makes them laugh. Sometimes, he even gets into trouble. They learn as he learns. Along with stories for each holiday, you will find seasonal crafts, herbal lore, spells and recipes for your little witchling.

An Earth Child’s Book of the Year by Marian Louise Camden
A magical, nature-loving, walk through the seasons and moons of the year. Children can search for birthstones, magical animals and trees, and learn the cycle of birth, life, death and spiritual renewal. With glimmers of the myths and legends of natural Celtic lore, children will discover new things each time they explore the book.
Marian Louise Camden’s beautiful melodic writing makes this book a wonderful bedtime story. A wonderful companion book to AN EARTH CHILD’S BOOK OF THE YEAR is AN EARTH CHILD’S BOOK OF VERSE, a book of poetry for the seasons, which can also be found at www.createspace.com/4423444. Visit www.EarthChildBooks.com for insights into the magical lore that can be found in the pages of this book to enhance your enjoyment!

Ancient Celtic Festivals: And How We Celebrate Them Today by Clare Walker Leslie
Children love holiday celebrations but most don’t know why they wear masks on Halloween or dance round the maypole on 1st of May. Now they can discover that many of our modern traditions started with the festivals of the ancient Celts.
The Celts were farming people, so their festivals marked the important events of the agricultural year. Imbolc, in very early spring, celebrated the birth of new lambs, while Samhain, in late fall, celebrated the end of the growing season and the beginning of winter. If we look at our modern calendar, we’ll find Halloween falling when the Celts celebrated Samhain and a host of other holiday correspondences. In a world of electric lights and processed foods, THE ANCIENT CELTIC FESTIVALS can help children make the connections to nature that their ancestors did. Whimsically illustrated activity pages invite them to bake a harvest corn bread, stage a spring festival or warm up the cold depths of winter with hot spiced cider. Teachers, librarians, parents and children alike will welcome this book as a fun-filled resource. Charming full-color ink and watercolor illustrations throughout. This valuable resource for teachers and parents uses hands-on activities, natural science facts and observations to explore the concepts of measuring time, making calendars and marking seasonal celebrations. Shows how our popular holiday traditions are rooted in nature, beginning as the seasonal festivals of an ancient society.

Paganism For Kiddos: A Kids and Parents’ Guide to Pagan and Wiccan Practice by Jessica M. Hauptmann
Paganism For Kiddos is a comprehensive and unique resource for school-aged children and their parents to learn about modern Paganism while affirming the validity of all religious paths.
This beautiful and heartfelt book opens the door to really important conversations and teachable moments between parents and children while leaving the very personal decisions of what to believe and do to families.

Children of the Green: Raising our Kids in Pagan Traditions by Dr Hannah E. Johnston
Children of the Green is an in-depth consideration of child raising from within pagan spirituality. Written by a long-time pagan witch, educator and parent, it considers the deeper questions of raising children within pagan spirituality, and the building of community for pagan families. Taking a unique approach, Children of the Green focuses not solely on sharing the festivals and celebratory cycles of paganism, but also discusses the moral, ethical and practical issues of raising kids as pagans; from working with schools, handling family changes and crises, child development from a pagan perspective and facing the challenges of a changing world.

RUPERTS TALES: Samhain to Ostara by Kyrja
Come along with Rupert the rabbit as he again travels through the Wheel of the Year. In this second book of adventures, he learns about tolerance, respect, and acceptance, and discovers how people celebrate seasonal holidays in the forest where he lives. The tales (one for each season Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, and Ostara) set the stage for our furry friend to understand the importance of the seasons and that remembering love and laughter is always wise.
He learns about decorations, songs, symbols, and how important the sun and its warmth really are. Join Rupert as he meets a new fairy friend and lots of girls and boys. Find out how someone very special steals Ruperts heart! Perfect for teaching sacred Pagan practices and beliefs to young children being raised within varied traditions. Ruperts Tales are stories for all children, everywhere!

Rupert’s Tales: The Wheel of the Year Beltane, Litha, Lammas, and Mabon by Kyrja
Rupert’s Tales: The Wheel of the Year Beltane, Litha, Lammas, and Mabon by Kyrja
A groundbreaking story that collects, commemorates, and illuminates traditional, sacred Pagan practices and beliefs in a fresh, contemporary, and whimsical style.
Join Rupert the rabbit on his adventures as he sets out to discover how and why people leave their homes to celebrate seasonal holidays in the forest where he lives. As Rupert’s journey unfolds throughout the seasons, he meets owls, fairies, and old friends who teach him about the Wheel of the Year. Beautifully illustrated, this book is an excellent starting point for young children being raised within the loose structure of the various Pagan traditions. You don’t have to be Pagan to be enchanted by Rupert and the magick found in his tales.

Rupert’s Tales: The Nature of Elements by Leslie Pringle-Burke
Rupert’s Tales continue with four new adventure stories in The Nature of Elements. Rupert the rabbit learns how courage, acceptance, compassion, and helping others are connected to the classical elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.
In “”The Courage to Fly,”” Grandmother Spinner teaches Rupert that knowledge is only the beginning of wisdom when she asks for his help with a bird who has fallen from the sky. Rupert discovers in “”Some Like It Hot”” that the Element of Fire is the realm of action and turning words into deeds. When Dylan the dolphin is stuck far from the sea in “”The Mystery of Lessons,”” Rupert receives a lesson in compassion when Grandmother Spinner asks for his help once more, and, finally, Rupert is rewarded for his assistance in “”The Sounds of Earth”” when he helps Erik the earthworm finally get some sleep. Includes 39 vibrant illustrations. For ages 5–8.

Rupert’s Tales: Learning Magick by Kyrja
Follow the adventures of Rupert the rabbit as he learns that intentions and imagination are two of the most important ingredients in all things magickal. In Tools of the Craft, Rupert meets a family who has come to teach their children about tools they use in crafting magick.
Ruperts Magickal Imagination has him watching children practicing using their intentions when one of them wonders what happens if you dont believe in magick. With two rhyming stories and 23 vibrant illustrations, this book offers an enchanting way to help your child begin a journey to learn about magick.

The Solstice Badger by Robin Macfadden
The Solstice Badger tells the tale of the days when the Sun shone all day long, every day. In the beginning, The Sun roamed the earth happy and filled with joy, but eventually he became terribly lonely and sad, and his light began to dim. Aware of his plight, many of the earth’s creatures tried to befriend the Sun, only to find his intense heat burned, and prevented them from getting too close.
To the Sun’s great joy, one day there came a creature that found a way to get close to the sun, and soon the two became great friends. Staying longer and longer each day with his friend, the Sun’s absence from the sky eventually caused the skies to darken and snow to fall. All living things suffered. Would the Sun realize his impact on the world’s suffering before it was too late? Would he have to leave his only friend and new found happiness forever in order to to save the world? Robin’s engrossing tale and ethereal illustrations bring the Sun’s story to a satisfying conclusion as he learns that compromise, compassion, friendship, and wisdom will save the day.

The Holly King & The Oak King: A Pagan Children’s Tale by J.C. Artemisia
On a magickal mountain with the power to change the weather, twin stars fall into the forest, and two kings are born. The Holly King and the Oak King live on the magickal mountain until a tremor leads them down the slope and into the human lands below. They discover a world in trouble without the right balance of sunlight. But the kings cannot agree on the best course, and a battle is sure to ensue.

Look to the Moon: A Pagan Bedtime Blessing by J.C. Artemisia
Calm your magickal child to sleep with this lunar, bedtime blessing.

Magickal: A Pagan Nursery Rhyme by J.C. Artemisia
This rhyming book is a cross between traditional nursery rhyme and ritual chant.

Follow the Sun: A Pagan Children’s Rhyme by J.C. Artemisia
“Follow the Sun” is a companion book to “Look to the Moon!” This new Pagan children’s book highlights solar blessings and lessons for growing up Pagan.

Paganism for Teenagers: Thinking Like a Pagan by Jess Wynne
Jess Wynne has been working with teenagers for 12 years, and was the Youth Officer for the Pagan Federation. She ran Minor Arcana, a membership organisation for 12-18 year olds and therefore has considerable experience in answering questions from teenagers about Paganism in a professional and responsible way.
This book is very much about the joy of Paganism, its place as a very personal belief involving taking responsibility for one’s own beliefs and actions. It gives a sound introduction to Paganism, dis-spelling many media-induced myths and covering basic beliefs held in common by the various paths. Spell casting is discussed, stressing the idea of cause and effect, explaining how spells work and what to do, what to use spells for and when and the importance of thinking it through beforehand (i.e. is a spell actually needed?).

Blessed Be A-Z by Terri Wilson
“Blessed Be A to Z” is a whimsical series of short poems to highlight each letter of the alphabet, from a Pagan perspective that honors the Earth.

Pagan Kids’ Activity Book by Amber K

The Lady of Ten Thousand Names: Goddess Stories from Many Cultures By Burleigh Muten
Drawing from traditional tales and sacred texts worldwide, Burleigh Muten presents eight goddesses who each face their own set of unique challenges.
Whether it be the mighty Isis, who struggles to save her beloved brother amidst the power politics of ancient Egypt, or White Buffalo Woman, who instructs the Sioux tribe how to worship Mother Earth, all of the women brim with determination as they strive to assert their own independence and authority.

Walking the World in Wonder: A Children’s Herbal by Ellen Evert Hopman
Introduce children to the magic of using herbs for healing, cooking, and nature crafts and inspire a lifelong interest in the natural world.
– Designed especially for children ages five to ten.
– A hands-on book for children, filled with fun, easy-to-follow activities.
Walking the World in Wonder covers the medicinal and magical uses of sixty-seven common herbs. Each herb playfully introduces itself and talks about its habitat and many uses. With fun, easy-to-follow activities, herbalist Ellen Evert Hopman teaches children basic herbal skills and invites them to make a sunflower seed mosaic, sew a catnip-filled mouse, and dig for Jerusalem artichoke roots. The book also includes simple recipes that children can use, with adult supervision, to treat minor ailments–peppermint tea to soothe a troubled tummy or horse chestnut salve to heal a scraped knee. Sixty-seven full-color photographs enable children, parents, and teachers to identify these herbs during walks and field trips. Walking the World in Wonder gives children a direct and joyous experience of their connection to the natural world and inspires a lifelong interest in their own health and that of the planet.

The Longest Day: Celebrating the Summer Solstice by Wendy Pfeffer
In this fourth and final book in the series about seasons, Wendy Pfeffer turns her attention to summer, when butterflies emerge from silky cocoons and daylight hours stretch longer and longer. With lyrical prose and vibrant illustrations, The Longest Day takes us on a journey through the history and science behind the summer solstice, with a focus on summer celebrations from various cultures around the world. Teachers and students alike will treasure the varied and accessible knowledge, and activities in the back let everyone in on the festivities.

We Gather Together: Celebrating the Harvest Season by Wendy Pfeffer
What is the fall equinox?
The official start of the harvest season, it occurs around September 21 each year. It marks the end of summer and the beginning of longer nights and shorter days. For many cultures around the world, the fall equinox represents a time to celebrate the harvest and begin collecting and storing crops.
Looking at both the science of weather and the history of how the fall equinox has been celebrated by various cultures throughout the world, this book will inspire a new understanding of autumn and the harvest season. Science activities, ideas for celebrating the fall equinox, and further reading list included!

Smoky and the Feast of Mabon by Catherynne M. Valente
Upset at the sight of her dying flowers, Smoky goes into the woods where she has always felt safe. Now she s lost! What is that glow in the woods before her? Follow a little girl as she discovers the meaning of Mabon in the wood behind her house, where a magical meal awaits her between the old year and the new year.

Coloring Book of Shadows: Yule Papercraft for a Magical Solstice by Amy Cesari

Color and create decorations, greeting cards, ornaments, and more in this fun book of witchy art.
Inspired by magical traditions and the seasonal energy of the winter solstice, this unique papercraft and coloring book includes over 40 pages to celebrate, craft, and create a festive Yule.

Liliane Grenier’s Wheel of the Year Coloring Book
Pagan children (and grownups, too!) can now color their way through the Wheel of the Seasons and their corresponding holidays. Liliane’s delightful and insightful artwork will not only provide hours of fun. They’re also a wonderful opportunity to begin a discussion with children on the importance and meaning of each pagan holiday.

Coloring book of shadows by Amy Cesari
The Coloring Book of Shadows is a delightful canvas to follow that path. Let your journey unfold as you color crystals, herbs, and natural elements. Or write and reflect on your own insights with beautifully framed note pages.

Nordic Tales by Ulla Thynell
Trolls haunt the snowy forests, and terrifying monsters roam the open sea.  A young woman journeys to the end of the world, and a boy proves he knows no fear.
This collection of 16 traditional tales transports readers to the enchanting world of Nordic folklore. Translated and transcribed by folklorists in the 19th century, and presented here unabridged, the stories are by turns magical, hilarious, cozy, and chilling.
They offer a fascinating view into Nordic culture and a comforting wintertime read. Ulla Thynell’s glowing contemporary illustrations accompany each tale, conjuring dragons, princesses, and the northern lights. This special gift edition features an embossed, textured case and a ribbon marker.

A Child’s Introduction to Norse Mythology: Odin, Thor, Loki, and Other Viking Gods, Goddesses, Giants, and Monsters by Heather Alexander
The newest book in the best-selling, award-winning A Child’s Introduction series explores the popular and captivating world of Norse mythology.
Organized into two parts, part one introduces characters like Odin, the leader of the Norse gods; Thor and his mighty hammer Mjollner; Frigg, weaver of the destinies of humans and gods; frost and fire giants; cunning dwarves like Brokk and Eitri; and many more. Part two tells the stories of the suspenseful myths themselves including The Creation of the Cosmos, The Aesir-Vanir War, Loki Bound, Thor’s Hammer and many more.

Usborne Illustrated Norse Myths by Alex Frith
A brand-new collection of Viking myths that tell the story of the Norse gods from creation to the story of how the world will end, including Odin’s quest for wisdom, the battles of Thor the thunder god, and the tale of Sigurd the Dragonslayer. Beautifully bound with head and tail bands and a ribbon marker. Dynamic artwork by Matteo Pincelli brings to life the exciting, strange and sometimes dangerous world of the Norse gods.

Norse, of course!: Syf’s Golden Hair by Nick and Kristen Valkenhaus
Norse, of Course! Sif’s Golden Hair is an illustrated story for children. Read along as Loki doesn’t understand Odur, cuts off all of Sif’s hair, and schemes to fix the mess he causes.
The Norse, of Course! book series for children is Norse mythology retold as historical fiction in this original fully illustrated series. The stories are based on the Eddas and Sagas. Modernized in fun rhyme with whimsical pictures, each book in the series features the Norse ancestors and their evolution.

Nordic Lore, The Roots of Yggdrasil  by Kristen Valkenhaus
Read along as Odin reflects on the great war & the ways of the Vanir, pursues wisdom to advance the Norse culture, and introduces the first three laws.

Norse, of Course!: Bragi’s silent-song by Nick and Kristen Valkenhaus
Read along as Bragi goes on an adventure with Freyr in his new ship Skidbladnir to visit Alfheim. Bragi meets the light elves and sees the wondrous farms and fields in Alfheim.  While there, he meets the smart and beautiful Idunna.

Norse of course!: The Great Void to Asgard by Nick and Kristen Valkenhaus
Norse, of Course! The Great Void to Asgard is an illustrated story for children. Read along as Heimdall tells the beginning story – the evolution of the Norse ancestors, and about Ymir the frost giant, a jealous adversary. Learn about the Aesir-Vanir war, the formation of Asgard, and how the Norse people began.

Norse of course!: Building of the wall by Nick and Kristen Valkenhaus
Norse, of Course! Building of the Wall is an illustrated story for children. Read along as the wall of Asgard is rebuilt, a Jotun observes Norse people, Loki’s bad judgment, and meet Sleipnir, Odin’s legendary horse.

Norse Mother’s Tales. Freyja’s FatCat  by Kristen Valkenhaus
Read along as Freyja’s fluffy felines work together. Treegul learns from his friend Beegul about the importance of eating healthy and exercising!

Norse Mother’s Tales. Faster Faster Odur’s Raptor  by Kristen Valkenhaus
Join Odur’s hawk Vedfolnir on a tongue twisting adventure around Asgard! Vedfolnir always pays attention to his surroundings and stays safe.

Norse Mother’s Tales. Odin’s Hungry Horse by Kristen Valkenhaus
Odin’s horse Sleipnir doesn’t want to eat his carrots today. Read along as Odin teaches Sleipnir that trying new foods is good!

Pagan Degrees for Children by Shandaramon
Many modern Pagans seek growth and spiritual practice through the pursuit and attainment of spiritual degrees. Whether in a group or as a solitary practitioner learning through a degree system can provide a needed structure, clear and distinct goals, and rewards for hard work.
Children, too, often enjoy learning by following a clear structure and by getting positive reinforcements but may not be able to effectively and successfully pursue adult degrees. This book provides a system of learning Pagan and good living concepts just for children and young adults through three main degrees. Children from the ages of 5 – 18 can work on obtaining the Neophyte, Apprentice, and Mage Degrees by meeting specific goals designed for children and by completing the requirements for earning Achievement Awards. The Neophyte Degree is subdivided into several Levels to help give young children small and easily obtainable goals. Provided with each Degree and Award is a great deal of information and sources for learning and for exploring. All of the Degree, Level, and Award images and certificates are provided in black and white. However, a companion book is available that contains all the designs in full sixes and colors.

Pagan Degrees for Children: Companion book by Shandaramon
This is a companion book to the Pagan Degrees for Children book and contains all the degree buttons and certificates in full sizes and colors.

Step Into the Circle:Autumn by Rowena Wishom
Olivia is an ordinary girl. She attends school, has brothers and sisters, a pet cat, and great parents. She’s also Pagan, and she’d like to tell you about her beliefs. Step into the circle with Olivia as she introduces you to her family and her faith. This picture book provides an excellent introduction to Paganism and is perfect for parents and children to read aloud together.

Step Into the Circle:Winter by Rowena Wishom
Olivia and her mother prepare for the winter Sabbats of Samhain and Yule. With love, crafts, songs, and ritual, Olivia learns about the holidays and shares the fun with you. The Step Into The Circle series helps you and your family learn about the Wiccan Wheel of the Year. From Olivia and her family to you, blessed be!

The Simple Sabbat A Family Friendly Approach to the Eight Pagan Holidays By M Flora Peterson
The Simple Sabbat is a collection of simple eclectic Sabbat rituals, recipes and crafting ideas that anyone can use to celebrate the eight Pagan holidays. Families, solitary Witches and covens can use this book to find great ways to connect to the seasons and honor the turning of the Wheel. This book is also a great tool for parents to use to teach their children about these special days.

Everyday Magick for children of earth-based spiritual families by Rayne Storm
Enjoy this exciting activity book grounded on fundamental principles for families to enrich their childrens understanding of earth-based spiritual living. Within its pages, you will find a delightful hodgepodge of poems, with fun corresponding activities, interactive questions, and thoughtful challenges that are relevant to being open-minded and aware of all the earths treasures for life.
It takes deep issues and makes them simple to understand and practice. Everyday MAGICK is meant to be a family activity book to be read together. The colorful materials are there to help encourage your earth-based child to ask questions, carry out activities, and create magick on their own. Magick is the spiritual side to all that is around us and we all have the ability to make every day Magickal!

Healing with crystal for kids! By Stephanie Tingle
“Healing with Crystals for Kids!” is a great introduction to crystals that parents can share with their young children or that can be read by older kids on their own. This book contains sections on the history and science of crystals, as well as kid-friendly information about meditation and the seven main chakras.
“Healing with Crystals for Kids!” includes pictures and information about 25 awesome crystals that kids will love to learn about. The paperback version also includes a page for each crystal on which you can record your thoughts, like a crystal journal!

Rosemary and the witches of Pendle Hill by Samantha Giles
My Mum is a witch. I know this to be a fact because:
a) She has a broomstick by the front door.
b) She does spells sometimes.
c) There are 4 other witches who live with us, that only me, Mum and Lois see.
We don’t really question their comings and goings. It was just normal to us until THINGS STARTED HAPPENING…

Wee Witches by Beth Roth Ted Enik

This ABC primer is a playful and richly symbolic introduction to the world of Wicca and the magic of Nature. Illustrated poems bring to light the Pagan Path, with each letter featuring a Wee Witch learning about the wheel of the year, tools of the Craft, rites of passage, faerie friends, and meaningful colors. This is a helpful and affirming tool for Pagan families, as well as an appealing collection of subtle, educational light verse for their budding Wee Witches, including A for Acorn, M for Maypole, and S for Spiderweb. Accurate symbols of Witches’ worldview are woven throughout the magical artwork, as well as hidden clues to a secret “”Witch Name”” revealed at the end of the book.

Norse Mythology for Kids: Tales of Gods, Creatures, and Quests by Mathias Nordvig

What is more awesome than the hammer-wielding thunder-god, Thor; the Queen of Asgard and all-knowing goddess, Frigg; or the gigantic sea serpent, Jormungand? Norse Mythology for Kids transports you into the Nordic lands where extraordinary creatures like giants, dwarfs, elves, and monsters walked among fearless gods and goddesses.

Featuring timeless stories from such countries as Iceland, Norway, and Denmark, this is your entryway into the magical world of Scandinavian folklore. With vividly detailed illustrations that pair with each myth, you’ll feel like you are defending Asgard on the battlefield with the almighty Odin, shape-shifting from a snake to a hawk with the trickster Loki, slaying dragons with the brave Sigurd, and much more. Follow these engaging Norse mythology legends, and learn everything there is to know about the tall tales of the Norse.

Celtic Mythology for Kids: Tales of Selkies, Giants, and the Sea by Chris Pinard

Imagine a world where fearsome giants, mischievous fairies, charming witches, and ageless queens wander the land. In Celtic Mythology for Kids, you’ll be taken on a guided journey through the mystical realm of the Celts told through folklore and tall tales. This engaging book for kids (ages 8 to 12) will keep your imagination running as wild as Ireland’s emerald-green forests.

Featuring a handful of famous and lesser-known myths from places like Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and Brittany, this is your introduction to a faraway world of wonder. With vibrant, colorful illustrations at the beginning of every myth, you’ll feel like you’re part of the action-whether you’re chasing deep-sea treasure or starting off on a quest.

Raising Witches: Teaching The Wiccan Faith To Children by Ashleen O’Gaea 

This is the first book that gives parents the means to teach their children Wicca in a more formal fashion. Featuring a Wiccan curriculum for each of the five age groups from infancy to young adulthood, O’Gaea shows parents how to effectively weave Wicca into a child’s natural progression of learning.

The Children’s Forest (Crafts and Family Activities) by Dawn Casey, Anna Richardson & Helen d’Ascoli

A rich and abundant treasury in celebration of the forest, this book is about encouraging children’s natural fascination with the forest and its inhabitants. The authors have produced an enchanting book where imagination, story and play bring alive the world of the forest. Full of games, facts, celebrations, craft activities, recipes, foraging, stories and Forest School skills, The Children’s Forest is much more than a manual: it is an invitation. Appealing to teachers, parents, and children, this book focuses on British and Irish trees, plants, animals, stories, poems, songs, crafts, and activities.

Brina by author-illustrator team Andrea Stein and Cayce Matteoli

Join Brina on an exploration of magical paths like green witchery, kitchen witchcraft, Wicca, and more as she considers the question: Which witch will I be?

Brina is a picture book that uses catchy rhymes and engaging illustrations to explore magic and modern witchcraft. This enchanting story will leave children and parents with the magical reminder that finding your path can be a bewitching journey — even if you aren’t sure where you’ll end up.

Brina is a little witch. She’s yet to find her way.
She learns about the ancient craft through art, and earth, and play.
“There are many types of witches,” says her mother-rightly so.
But Brina doesn’t know which way her witchy heart will go.

Sunshine and Moonbeams: A Treasury of Poems and Prayers by Ms Jill S McIntyre (Author), Ms Rebecka L Sasich (Illustrator)

Whether you are a fan of poetry or not, the magic of verse oriented mnemonics has been in almost every human brain since “the mouse ran up the clock.” Consider then, Sunshine and Moonbeams: A Treasury of Poems and Prayers, written and collected by Jill S. McIntyre, illustrated by Rebecka L. Sasich, a new volume of verse, descended from the brood of Mother Goose, to rekindle a love for nature, earth, seasons and spirituality. Uniquely illustrated in a vivid Bauhaus style, each artwork creates a delightful visual tapestry that provides each verse with a depth of imagery re-defining the term “eye-candy.” Originally dubbed as “a Treasury of Poems and Prayers for Children of the Goddess,”

Luna Moon Hare – Wendy Andrew
We take a magical journey with LUNA MOON HARE through the ever changing seasons, encountering ancient archetypes, mythical creatures, totem animals and faeries as the Goddess guides Luna on her way.

The Witch Boy (book 1) – Molly Knox Ostertag

In thirteen-year-old Aster’s family, all the girls are raised to be witches, while boys grow up to be shapeshifters. Anyone who dares cross those lines is exiled. Unfortunately for Aster, he still hasn’t shifted . . . and he’s still fascinated by witchery, no matter how forbidden it might be.

When a mysterious danger threatens the other boys, Aster knows he can help — as a witch. It will take the encouragement of a new friend, the non-magical and non-conforming Charlie, to convince Aster to try practicing his skills. And it will require even more courage to save his family . . . and be truly himself.

The Hidden Witch (book 2)- Molly Knox Ostertag

Aster and his family are adjusting to his unconventional talent for witchery; unlike the other boys in his family, he isn’t a shapeshifter. He’s taking classes with his grandmother and helping to keep an eye on his great-uncle whose corrupted magic wreaked havoc on the family.

Meanwhile, Aster’s friend from the non-magical part of town, Charlie, is having problems of her own — a curse has tried to attach itself to her. She runs to Aster and escapes it, but now the friends must find the source of the curse before more people — normal and magical alike — get hurt.

The Midwinter Witch (book 3)- Molly Knox Ostertag

Magic has a dark side . . .

Aster always looks forward to the Midwinter Festival, a reunion of the entire Vanissen family that includes competitions in witchery and shapeshifting. This year, he’s especially excited to compete in the annual Jolrun tournament-as a witch. He’s determined to show everyone that he’s proud of who he is and what he’s learned, but he knows it won’t be easy to defy tradition.

Ariel has darker things on her mind than the Festival-like the mysterious witch who’s been visiting her dreams, claiming to know the truth about Ariel’s past. She appreciates everything the Vanissens have done for her. But Ariel still craves a place where she truly belongs.

The Festival is a whirlwind of excitement and activity, but for Aster and Ariel, nothing goes according to plan. When a powerful and sinister force invades the reunion, threatening to destroy everything the young witches have fought for, can they find the courage to fight it together? Or will dark magic tear them apart?

C is for Coven – Andrea Stein

A bewitching board book for tiny magic makers. 

C is for Coven is a reinterpretation of a classic alphabet book, matching each letter of the ABCs with a rhyming phrase that teaches kids about witchcraft.

Instead of A is for Apple and D is for Dog, A is for Altar and D is for Drawing Down the Moon. From the author of Brina: A Pagan Picture Book, this bewitching and adorable board book will make learning the ABCs fun, magical, and memorable for the whole family.

The Spring Equinox – Ellen Jackson illustrated by Jan Davey Ellis

The Autumn Equinox – Ellen Jackson illustrated by Jan Davey Ellis

Discusses the significance of some of the harvest festivals around the world and describes how they are celebrated.

The Winter Solstice – Ellen Jackson illustrated by Jan Davey Ellis

The winter solstice–the shortest day of the year–marks the beginning of the coldest, darkest season. Discover the scientific reasons for this phenomenon and learn how cultures past and present have celebrated it.

The Summer Solstice – Ellen Jackson illustrated by Jan Davey Ellis

Accompanied by a Summer Tale designed to be read aloud, recipes, and craft activites, a beautifully illustrated picture book celebrates the universal appeal of the sun and the abundance of light and warmth it provides.

A Witch’s Primer: Grade 1 by Lorin Manderly

Finally! Here is a children’s textbook for kids being raised as Witches and Pagans. Each chapter teaches the Wiccan basics for each subject and ends with a summary and a list of questions for children to test their knowledge on the material learned.

This is the first in a series of textbooks that will get progressively more advanced for each grade. The intent is to help students begin their Wiccan education and prepare them for seeking out further knowledge on the topics that interest them the most.

A Witch’s Primer: Grade 2 by Lorin Manderly

The second in the A Witch’s Primer series. This is a text book for children being raised Pagan and for adults who are new to the Craft. Each of the 18 chapters includes questions about what has been learned.

A Witch’s Primer: Grade 3 by Lorin Manderly

The Witch’s Primer books are a series of textbooks for children being raised as Pagan and for adults new to the Craft. Each of the 18 chapters ends with a question and answer page to test the reader’s progress.

Crystal Magic! by Aurora Lightbringer

Learn about the magic and energy of crystals with this colourful and delightfully whimsical book. This child-friendly new-age book teaches about the energies of crystals and provides everyday ways to incorporate working with crystals in daily practice-including yoga poses and affirmations to complement each crystal. This book is sure to be a family favourite!

The Wheel of the Year by Aurora Lightbringer

“The Wheel of the Year goes around and around, and it keeps my feet on the ground. And though my head is in the clouds, the Wheel of the Year goes around and around!”

Come celebrate the Sabbats with “The Wheel of the Year”! This whimsical picture book teaches about the themes of each holiday through poetry and illustrations designed to nurture young Pagans’ imaginations. This book is sure to be a family favourite!

I Am the Elements by Aurora Lightbringer

“I am the Fire, spirit free! As I will, so mote it be!” Come honor the Elements with “I Am the Elements!” This unapologetically Pagan book teaches about the themes of each element through poetry and illustrations designed to nurture young Pagans’ imaginations. This book is sure to be a family favourite!

Moon Magic by Aurora Lightbringer

“Look up in the sky and what do I see? I see the moon shining down on me!” Come honor the moon and its cycles with “Moon Magic”! This unapologetically new-age book teaches about the energies of the cycles of the moon and provides everyday ways to incorporate honouring the moon in daily practice. This book is sure to be a family favourite!

Walking with the Gods: A Heathen Activity Book by Dan Coultas

A bumper book of stories, puzzles, colouring and activities to help young Heathens learn about the Gods and Goddess, spirits and ancestors. Colour in the Gods, learn their stories and find out how to conduct your very own rituals. Suitable for children aged 4-10. 10% of profits from this book will be donated to PaganAid, and a further 10% will be donated to Asatru UK.

The Green Prince’s Father : A Story of the Sabbats by Miles Batty

Follow the pagan Green Man through the cycle of the year, as he grows from young Prince to proud King to sacrificial Deity. “The Green Prince’s Father” is written for younger readers, to offer a first-hand understanding of the significance of the Sabbats and the annual cycle of life and rebirth.