Krys Holmes (They/Them)
Children & Families Manager

I’m Krys and I wear a few hats within Pagan Federation.  On a local level I’m the district Manager for the North East as well as the Families liaison and local coordinator for Wakefield. On a national level I’m vice president, council representative to the central committee and children and families manager.

I was brought up in the Christian faith but there were always elements that didn’t quite sit right with me, then at University I discovered Paganism and suddenly everything I believed fell into place.  Since then I got very involved with the local Pagan community; I run the local moot and am on the local interfaith committee representing Pagans; I also have PF stalls at local events and festivals.  My path is eclectic but I have a particular connection with Lilith.  You will often find me down the allotment or in my craft room; my day job is making metal and gemstone jewellery as well as crochet bits and bobs.  More recently I became a parent and have all the joys (and sleepless nights) associated with it; I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I’m Lyn and I am the Deputy Manager of the Children & Families Team at the Pagan Federation.  I have been a practicing Pagan for 30 years and have explored Wicca, although I now follow a Celtic path.

I currently work as an Administrator in an end of life nursing home and am in the process of setting up my own business as counsellor and hypnotherapist.  I have two young adults who are just heading off into the big wide world, via Uni.

I love camping, especially in off grid woods, so I can truly get away from it all.

Lyn O’Callaghan
Children & Families Team Deputy Manager

Mabh Savage
Children & Families Team Secretary

Mabh Savage is a prolific Pagan writer, poet, and musician. She has been a Pagan all her life and practices an eclectic form of Celtic-inspired witchcraft. She is also a member of the Covenant of Hekate. She has three small children in her care and works from home as a copywriter and author. She joined the Pagan Federation in 2019 in the hope of supporting other Pagan families and helping promote family-inclusive Pagan activities.

Lisa is the Families Liaison for London and also Regional Co-ordinator for London North. She runs a family-friendly house moot from her home in north London and firmly believes that pagan community should be accessible to everybody. Plus, there is no pagan festival or event which can’t be celebrated with a craft project!

Lisa Stockley
Children & Families Liaison for London

Hannah Semple
Children & Families Liaison for Mid West and Wales

Hi I’m Hannah the families liaison for mid west and Wales. I live in South Wales but grew up in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

I’ve been Pagan for about 30 years and after delving into many paths have settled on eclectic.

I have six children ranging from 25 years to 2 years and  work in care.

I love nature walks, photographing nature, writing and  snow.