The rise of A.I

Something that has been at the forefront in the Pagan world at present is the rise in books written by artificial intelligence. While I’m not against A.I; in certain sectors it has benefited humans, I do think that we need to be careful when it comes to the publishing sector.

I have read some of these generated A.I books on Paganism, they are often cheaper than other Pagan books in the market, even free and cover a wide range of different paths.  However, the content is poor and often contradicts itself within the same book. This is not helpful to anybody earnestly wanting to follow a Pagan path.

 A lot of Pagans rely on books for information about the different aspects of Paganism and these A.I generated texts are misrepresenting these aspects. While somebody who has been a Pagan for a long time may see the red flags, a newcomer may not.

Paganisms are often not represented correctly in the media as it is and A.I books do not serve our Pagan community when they do not represent our practices correctly. With Pagan numbers rising each year we do not want our paths diluted or distorted and possibly destroyed.

To avoid this, check the authors bio and media presence, A.I generated books tend not to have one.

Buy from reputable Pagan publishers such as Moon Books, Llewellyn Worldwide and Green Magic Publishing to name a few.

Check out resource lists on reputable Pagan websites such as The Pagan Federation.

Look at books recommended by other reputable Pagan authors such as Rachel Patterson and Nimue Brown who both review other Pagan titles, from many different publishers.

Check out Pagan Dawn for book reviews and articles written by Pagan authors.

For more information please email the Intrafaith Team at