An insight into Neo-Druidism

Author Luke Eastwood shares a little insight into his path of Neo-Druidism. If you’d like to know more then I’d definitely recommend his book “A Path Through the Forest – Collected essays on Druidry” which covers many aspects of Luke’s path and Druidry in great depth.

What is your path. How would you define it? 
Neo-Druidism – I am a modern-day druid.

What drew you to this particular path? 
Environmentalism, a desire to escape Roman Catholicism, search for a meaningful spirituality.

What festivals do you celebrate as part of your path? 
All eight celtic festivals and full moons.

Are there any other celebrations or rituals? 
A daily prayer/meditation.

If rituals form a part of your path, what is included, or could you possibly give an example? 
I do a full moon ritual, often alone or with the grove (when active).

Is yours a magical path? If yes in what way? 
Yes. I use magic on occasion in a formal way but I often find my intuition and clairaudience comes into play in everyday life.

Do you work with the deity? If yes which ones? 
Primary – Lugh and Brid. Secondary, Cailleach and Cernunnos

What do you like best about your path?
It suits me, it enables me to follow an individual gnostic spirituality.

Are there any books you’d recommend that relate to your path? 

Are there any other resources for people who would like to know more?
CELT is good, Mary Jones online library or