Pagan Federation LGBTQIA+ Team

The Pagan Federation regards membership of any organisations that refuse to support freedom of religion and equality of race, gender, and sexual orientation, as incompatible with our aims, objectives and values.

We are made up of people from all walks of life and a large number of our members fall somewhere on the LGBTQIA spectrum. The LGBTQIA team is here to help ensure that those members are represented and have equality and freedom to practice their religion without fear of exclusion or discrimination. The LGBTQIA team is made up of people who self identify as being members of the LGBTQIA community together with our allies.

LGBTQIA Resource Center Glossary – for anyone who isn’t quite sure what it all means.

We are here to support you in walking your path regardless of what tradition you follow. Whether that be in finding an open minded group to join, education and activism, ensuring that LGBTQIA Pagans are represented at events, or in signposting you to local or national agencies to offer you support. We are committed to being non-judgemental and supportive in all that we do.

There are a number of organisations who offer resources, information and advice for people who are Pagan and identify as LGBTQIA, whose links you can find below.

There are many different gender and sexual identities. The two, while closely linked, are not in fact the same thing. Gender identity relates to where on the gender spectrum you identify, this is in terms of masculine, feminine or somewhere in-between (non-binary / trans / genderqueer / genderfluid). Sexual identity relates to the gender of the person or persons you would naturally move in the direction of a romantic or sexual relationship with. Both gender identity and sexual identity manifest along a wide spectrum of possibilities.

At the Pagan Federation, we are committed to ensuring that everyone is treated equally regardless of their gender, sexuality or relationship status.



Inclusive Wicca:

QOBOD: Facebook page and Facebook group for members of OBOD

The Troth: – a non-discriminatory Heathen group from the USA with members in Europe