Family Deities: Quikinna’qu

Thanks for joining us for another Families’ Deity!

We’re exploring deities that tie into families and family values, or who are important to the family unit or children in some way. This month, we are exploring the revelatory God, Quikinna’qu

Who is Quikinna’qu?
Quikinna’qu is a god of the Koryak tribe who are the indigenous people of Far Eastern Russia in Siberia. His name translates into English as ‘Big Raven’ and he is thought to have been created by the Sky God when a shard of his spear fell to earth.

Quikinna’qu was considered to be a god, a man, a shaman and the founder of the world. According to the Koryak people, everything already existed, and it was Quikinna’qu who revealed it all from where it was hidden.

He had many heroic adventures which were all to benefit humanity and was able to fly and shapeshift with the aid of the raven cloak he wore.

Why is  Quikinna’qu one of our family deities?
Quikinna’qu was a great protector of humans and everything he did was to benefit them. He taught people how to fish, hunt and make fire; everything they needed to be able to survive the environment.

Honouring Quikinna’qu
To honour Big Raven you could give thanks at mealtimes as ultimately if he hadn’t unveiled the world and taught humans there would be no food.

You could also feed the birds or visit the ravens the Tower of London.

Quikinna’qu Correspondences