The Pagan Federation Community Support Team initiatives such as the Raising Pagan Voices Project, Disabled Pagan Voices Project online festivals, Aether magazine, talks, blogs and podcasts aim to be a creative outlet for the community’s critical thinking, inspired works and continued spiritual education.

With these tools and our district team members, we aim to ensure that our contribution to the community covers all aspects of their wellbeing, with the aspiration that their faith is as well rounded and healthy as they need it to be to carry them through life’s trials, regardless of the obstacles presented by their personal circumstances.

Alongside all of this, we’re also available for bookings at events, moots or conferences. Please contact us if you would like more details of who is available in your area and what they can offer.

We’re always adding to the work we do as we meet more volunteers with talents that can help us spread our wings a little so keep coming back to see what we’re doing next!