A warm welcome to Intrafaith and building pagan community.

Our aims

Intrafaith is an important aspect of the pagan community and is essential in unifying us. By promoting tolerance and understanding between the different paths within paganism and making sure all paths are represented equally and fairly we will flourish.

We will achieve this through healthy dialogue between the differing paths, by providing everyone the knowledge to understand all paths within paganism and by communicating with pagans to try and ensure everyone and every path is represented.

For this to be realised we at Intrafaith need members of the community to come forward, to share knowledge, so others may understand more about the diversity within paganism.

A strong community is vital in many ways, especially for peoples well being and Intrafaith plays a starring role in this. It will be an ongoing endeavour as life does not remain stagnant, it evolves, as do peoples beliefs and ideologies. The aim is that the pagan community becomes and remains strong and unified, where all voices matter and where paganism is represented wholly to the wider world.