Deenagh: The Pictish Years Chapter 16 – Fond Farewells

This is a Disabled Pagan Voices Project Submission

In the days that followed Deenagh’s first Dragon flight, preparations were being made for her departure. The Dragon knew that it would be Duira that she would miss the most, so he encouraged her to spend as much time with her Father as she could. After their conversation about her yearning to travel to new lands, Duira sensed that Deenagh would be leaving sooner rather than later, so he made the time to be with her, because he knew that he would miss her more than he could begin to express.

There continued to be talk of a Dragon and so the time had come for Deenagh to speak with the Chief of Anoc-Par, and to admit that The Dragon had been living in the clearing all this time. Deenagh was honest with the Chief who was a fair man, and she told him how she had helped heal the injured Dragon and that now she was leaving with him. She had asked the Chief if Duira could be present when she met with him, and now Duira knew the truth of The Dragon, and her true reason for wanting to leave Anoc-Par, her family and her friends. The Chief was surprised that a Dragon had been living so close to his village for so long without his knowledge, and he had questions for the Shamaness whose job it was to know these things.

Deenagh approached the Wizened Hawthorn Tree in the centre of her village one last time, and she offered her Tree Mother a simple gift, a protective amulet that Deenagh had worn around her neck. With the Dryad’s permission, she hung it on a branch of the tree as a token of thanksgiving and a symbol of their shared bond. The Dryad too had a gift for Deenagh, a small but strong piece of wood that her Tree Mother called a Wand, and this contained the magical essence of the Hawthorn and
could be used to direct whichever magical energy Deenagh needed when the time was right for it to be used. Deenagh felt sad that she would never look on this beautiful tree again, but her Tree Mother reminded her that it didn’t matter where she was, because they were connected through a bond of friendship and love that would continue as long as they both desired it.

Word quickly spread of Deenagh’s upcoming departure, and the people whom she had grown up with came to her to offer their own blessings for a safe and enjoyable travel and future life. Deenagh was touched by the kindness of her Pictish people and she realised how fortunate she was to have such a wonderful upbringing. She packed a few belongings from her dwelling and she went to see Duira for the last time. He also had a gift for her, a fighting staff that was almost as tall as she was, one made of the strong wood from the Ash Tree. It had beautiful engravings that Duira had been working on since his daughter had first told him of her plans to leave, and he had just finished the staff in time. Deenagh allowed her tears to flow freely, because they showed how much she loved this kind and generous man. Words were lost to her and none could express her thoughts or feelings. They embraced in a loving hug that Deenagh wanted to last as long as it could, so she would have this memory of the best Father she could ever have wished for.

The Dragon was waiting for his Rider when she returned to the clearing, alone and ready to leave. Deenagh’s head was lowered with the sheer weight of the sadness she felt and her tears flowed silently. But when she saw The Dragon, she felt only happiness and she allowed the heaviness to be replaced by the wonder and excitement of the journey ahead. She didn’t know much about where The Dragon was going next, but she trusted him completely as she stepped onto his shoulders and took her place as his Rider. The Dragon flew directly above Anoc-Par, low enough for the entire clans folk to see this Great Golden Dragon for the first and last time. Deenagh waved goodbye to her people and she would not know it then, but she would never see her village and it’s people again because within only
fifty years of her departure, the Pictish people of Ireland would be no more. They were an indigenous race whose time was coming to an end, swept aside by the emerging people who cared little for their Earth Mother and Her creatures. However, Deenagh lived as Dragon Rider for a great many years to come with her best friend, The Dragon, and they would indeed have many adventures together.

Special Note of Gratitude from Deenagh

To my Tree Mother, how fortunate I have been to be blessed with you in my life. Your patience, understanding and guidance has helped me become who I am and shown me who I am meant to be.

To Duira, your kindness is a blessing for which I am so grateful to have been a part of, as it has shown me what it means to be compassionate.

To the Old Shaman whose wisdom is shared in the stories of our Pictish people, I have been truly blessed to have you as my teacher.

To my birth Mother Maebh, for the sacrifice you made for me so that I could choose the path that is right for me, words cannot convey how proud I am to call you Mother.

To The Great Golden Dragon, it is a privilege and an honour to be your Rider. Thank-you for placing your trust in me and believing in me. Our love knows no boundaries as it is allowed to grow and change while the adventure continues.

“Thank you to everyone who has read “Deenagh: The Pictish Years” © and a special thanks to Sarah and the team at the Pagan Federation for their trust and their time, posting the chapters over the last 16 weeks. It has been an honour to share my story with the Pagan community and those special aware people who can see beyond the veil of this world to the magical world that is all around us. I would be delighted to forward the complete book on one PDF file free of charge to anyone who would like to email me on as a token of my gratitude.

May magic always be a part of our lives, and with open minds may we always be willing to learn, develop and grow. An inspirational woman once told me “Wisdom is knowing that there is always more to learn.”
Brightest Blessings,
Deenagh Jackson”