My Attacker – a Disabled Pagan Voices Project

***Content warning – this post contains descriptions of trauma***

This is a Disabled Pagan Voices Project submission

I was lonely and trusting,
I didn’t realise for what he was lusting.
F**king games with a vulnerable heart.
What he eventually did to me tore me apart.
I lost my trust of others and my trust in the world.
But now I celebrate what gradually unfurled.
I found a new me, after much searching and fighting.
So it’s a success story that I’m now writing.
I was the walking wounded but I didn’t go far.
Friends delivered me food as I was tending to my scars.
It came on fits and starts over the years.
But I survived, and faced all my fears.
I changed my lifestyle bit by bit.
I changed my friends – that was really hard & sometimes really sh*t.
I learnt I needed to find self love and peace of mind within me.
You must realise others inner battles are not always easy to see.
I studied and searched and used many methods of healing.
I’m so very proud of my work and for what I’m now feeling.
The worst thing was losing trust of myself and of any one new.
I found when you’re vulnerable or just nice, you’ll often get leeches draining you.