Conspire a Rebirth – a Disabled Pagan Voices Project submission

This is a Disabled Pagan Voices Project submission

Why are the ones trying to make a stand seen as the rebels,
While we see water rising and the temperature treble.
The truthtellers are depicted as deluded and wrong,
While the fat cats in their suits entertain their throng.
Their throng of vacuous folk with designer labels,
They sit there feasting on their gross, heaving tables.
They’ve got it all wrong in the papers and on TV news,
I say this to fire you up – we’re not fighting to lose.
The media have all their various political slants,
They think we’re stupid “sheeple” with no fighting chance.
So to the machine I say “up yours” to the all lies,
Christ!, next it’ll be my smile they try & privatise.
So gather your troops and your peace and love placards,
We’re going to try and save this world, and not give up or say it’s too hard.
I’ve sprung into action and can’t turn it off,
I don’t care of your ‘status’, working class through to toff.
We’ve more in common than we have to differ,
Surely we all love trees and plants and clean rivers?
I need to deliver a speech or get it down in words,
That the death of this planet is happening now and we’re being interred!
We need some passion, that much is clear,
We need it en masse so as many can hear.
They can hear the atrocities happening to man and earth,
And we can join together and invoke a rebirth.