How We…Introduced Ritual

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Each month, members of the Children & Families team will be sharing How We have introduced aspects of our community to our children. We will cover everything from the Aether to Zeus and we invite you on our journey.  We continue with How We…Introduced Ritual

Ritual doesn’t play a huge part for me, just at festivals, though would like to start indicting moons. We go to the big rituals at Thornburgh Henge and Oak leaf camp. We’ve also been to some by local moots if they’re on at a family friendly time.

We have a stone altar at the allotment and we’re done a few mini rituals together there for the festivals. My little dilophosaurus is only 5 so I keep it short and interactive. We create the space with chants (something they love), say a general ‘Welcome’ to elements and deity, do something creative as they enjoy crafting. and have some food. We chant to end as well.

Manager, Children & Families Team

My children know what ritual is but it’s not something taught as such. I’ve never been one for lengthy ritual so simple blessings and gestures are used in practice. Thanking Earth for the food we receive, setting an extra place at the table on Samhain, baking bread at Lammas and the lighting of candles. I find children get bored quite easily, so I’d rather keep things short and simple, I’d rather not put them off the idea when they are young.

Our ritual is done more through crafting and creating traditions rather than a wordy ritual, I’ve never practiced this type of ritual myself, so I don’t teach it. I will attend online ritual which the children have seen but were unimpressed so I shall stick to what we do.

Mid-West & Wales Liaison, Children & Families Team

Ritual isn’t something I really get the kids involved in at home as of yet, although I have had my eldest asking if he can help dress an altar of a goddess he’s familiar with through sharing stories and mythology.

Some of the kids have been involved at group rituals, for example, we’ve been to some naming ceremonies which the kids really enjoyed, especially when they were able to share a drink and bread with the rest of the group and we were involved in some blessings for a very young child in the group which was all very safe and very gentle; very welcoming to the community.

So, while we don’t partake in ritual at home very often, they get to see Wiccan, eclectic, and heathen-influenced rituals thanks to the lovely communities we’re part of. I think the important factor is not to include them in anything they feel nervous or unsure of. We’d never go, “Oh just give it a try, you’ll be okay!” If it’s a “no”, we respect that. We also make sure that there’s an option to leave a circle appropriately in case one of the kids feels overwhelmed. We’re lucky to have flexible and inclusive folks who are very happy to support this.

Secretary, Children & Families Team