Family Deities: Isis

Thanks for joining us for another Families’ Deity! We’re exploring deities that tie into families and family values, or who are important to the family unit or children in some way. This month, we are exploring the Great God, Isis.

Who is Isis?

Isis is a major deity in Ancient Egyptian practice and is instrumental in the well-known Osiris Myth. Her father was the earth god, Geb, and her mother was the sky god, Nut; her siblings were Osiris, Seth and Nephthys.

She is known as both a mother and mourner, the latter being a role she shares with her sister Nephthys. As wife to Osiris, she enlists the help of her sister when he meets an untimely end, to bring him back together and back to life.

Her name means ‘Queen of the throne’, she is associated with magic, the moon, the sun and the stars and she offers support to mothers and widows.

Why is Isis one of our Families Deity

She is known as the Great Mother in her native Egypt and ‘the mother of all gods’. She was the mother of Horus, the falcon-headed god and there are many statues of her nursing him. She offers her motherly protection to those in need who seek her help.

Honouring Isis

Along with her husband, Isis is known for bringing the knowledge of agriculture to the people as she understood the seed being within the fruit and he understood the idea of planting in the earth. With this in mind, keeping an allotment or patio pot garden can help you to connect with Isis.

Isis Correspondences

Cows, Kite, Swallow,


Ankh, throne, cow horns, Isis knot (tyet)

Sistrum rattle

Candy, corn, milk, perfumes, raisins, rose petals, tea

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