Family Deities: Kuan Yin

Thanks for joining us for another Families’ Deity! We’re exploring deities that tie into families and family values, or who are important to the family unit or children in some way. This month, we are exploring the Listening God, Kuan Yin.

Who is Kuan Yin ?
Kuan Yin whose name means “hearer of cries” is a Chinese guardian goddess, worship of her started in 100AD and continues today.  She is found throughout Chinese culture, is seen in paintings and sculptures and mentioned in various philosophical and religious texts.

She is a deity who was adopted into the Chinese pantheon from the Buddhists and was originally a god, transitioning into a goddess by 1100AD. She is depicted upon a lotus wearing white robes and may carry one of a number of objects including a vase filled with the dew of compassion.

Why is she one of our family deities?
Kuan Yin is known for her deep compassion of all living creatures, she is a protector goddess and has strong fertility connections. People called upon her when they were in danger or trying for a baby. She is also a representation of acceptance and has also become associated with vegetarianism.

To honour Kuan Yin
To honour her you could make a vegetarian meal or show some compassion to others by offering your help or donating to charity.

Kuan Yin Associations Kyan Yin is associated with the colour white, the willow tree, rice, baskets and a white parrot.

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