Watch this Space

Exciting things are happening in the LGBTQIA+ sphere of the Pagan Federation. Following what has been, by all regards, a fantastically productive summer, the year ahead looks set to continue the trend. We had our inaugural Pride+Summer Solstice event, which had so much engagement and was a fantastic experience that allowed the team (and myself) to get stuck in and learn more about the greater PF community. Thank you to all who took part!

In other news, it has been particularly busy over the last handful of months, punctuated primarily by an appearance at an incredibly large pride festival: I was honoured to be invited to the Milton Keynes Pride Festival in early September to represent LGBTQIA+ pagans and speak on my experiences. Moving forwards, I’m hoping to continue to work with Pride festivals nationwide to expand the presence of paganisms in that arena and bolster the reputation of the Pagan Federation as a force for inclusion and an ally to all LGBTQIA+ pagans.

Moreover, as a team, we will be working together over the next year to capitalise on our individual strengths to bring a united front to planning further outreach and representation. Coming up, we will be organising a day of reflection for the Transgender Day of Remembrance on the 20th November, with like events sprinkled throughout 2023 where appropriate. It remains crucially important to all of us that we make the community here as welcoming and safe as possible.
Personally, I (me, Sif, hello!) will be doing blogs more frequently, and blogging about anything relevant about the team and our ongoing activities, shenanigans and other things. Currently, we are seeing a rush of interest in volunteers, which has been amazing, and I plan on really pouncing on my first full year of being LGBTQIA+ Manager in the coming months. So, watch this space? There are exciting things ahead – for the Pagan Federation and for inclusive paganism as a whole.

Oh, and it goes without saying, but if you are in anyway interested in volunteering to be a part of a growing (and amazing) team, please do reach out to me on Or, alternatively, if you have any ideas or things of interest you want to talk about, I remain available on my email (thank you in advance).

Signing off,


(Sif Brookes, LGBTQIA+ Manager)