New Beginnings

Hail and welcome to the Web of Wyrd, the blog of the community support team!

Spring seems an apt time for a fresh start and new faces, doesn’t it? Although autumn will always hold my heart, I have a special kind of love for spring. Seeing new buds peep through the frost, the sun coming out at long last to warm our souls and melt away the winter, and now we’re into April, watching baby lambs suckle with their mothers and bounce across the fields in sheer joy – all of these fill me with warmth and a love for nature that aligns perfectly with my path.

This early springtime, I was asked if I was interested in taking on the role of CSO by Dan Coultas, our former CSO, after only a year of holding the post of his deputy. I was incredibly honoured and jumped at the chance. Committee had to vote on it so I waited anxiously for the outcome – which was affirmative, they had selected me! Now comes the hard part: learning the ropes and getting used to my new responsibility, heading up the teams we have here, and becoming more involved in Pagan Federation affairs, including taking a spot on Committee myself. My first Committee meeting was a positive experience; I was treated warmly and with kindness by those already in post, welcomed heartily and immediately included in all discussion and decision-making. I can only thank those present for making the experience such a great first for me, and Dan for aiding with the transition and remaining as my deputy for a time to help.

My plans at this moment in time for the teams are to assist with filling positions. My very first task was to bring on board our new Accessibility Team Manager who will be joining us any day now. Louisa is someone I have worked with for almost two years since she began writing for Pagans of the North magazine, and I know her to be a very hardworking, dedicated and able pagan. She will be an asset to the community support teams and I look forward to helping her get settled into her new role.

Other positions we are on the lookout for include social media officers for all teams, Interfaith Deputy Manager, Accessibility Team Deputy Manager, Cultural Diversity Team Manager and all other roles, and Hospital Ministry Manager. If you’re at all interested in any of these positions, please have a look at the Vacancies part of our website, or reach out to me and we can have a chat about them.

I’ll wrap up now by letting you all know that our next online festival will be held for Bealtaine on Facebook and is run by our Intrafaith Team, so mark the date in your calendars for Saturday 29th April and head over to the Facebook event page to join in.

One final thanks to Dan Coultas for all he has done over his years as CSO. He has left some very big shoes to fill and will be sorely missed, and I think I speak for everyone here at PF Community Support when I say I’m very proud to have worked alongside him. 

Another thanks to now ‘my’ deputy/secretary, Ang Langrick, whose assistance has been and will continue to be invaluable.

Thank you all.

Sam Stoker (they/them)