Sif Brookes – National LGBTQIA+ Manager

My name is Sif (she/her), I’m bi/pan, and I’m the National LGBTQIA+ Manager for the Pagan Federation. I’m also one of the Copy Editors for the Pagan Dawn magazine, and generally love to write. I’m also a digital artist, and focus in on deity representations – I especially love to create representations that resonate with the pagans that worship them. Or otherwise use the medium as a devotional act to connect with the gods I worship.

I am also the co-host of an inclusive podcast with a couple of eclectic witches. I am in my late twenties, love spooky things, high fantasy/D&D, video games, research and so many other things I can’t think of at the moment. I am a recon Norse Heathen, with a specific interest in pre-Christian Nordic beliefs around death and burial. My hearth cult revolves around those elements, and I worship Hel, Freyja, Eir, Sif, Skadi and the Valkyries predominantly, though – of course – worship all of the Norse gods. I am specifically interested in historical seidr and the nordic ideas around the soul, with ties to the Valkyries (a particular obsession of mine). I think that’s it!

My name is Cat (she/her), I’m I’m the Deputy National LGBTQIA+ Manager for the Pagan Federation.  I live in South Wales and have a love for nature, herbs, wellbeing and improving the world around me.  I enjoy writing, reading and being outside around my plants.
I live with my husband, children and a variety of animals, I believe that family isn’t formed by blood but by love, authenticity and respect.

I’m Cait (she/her), a trans woman living very near the sea on the south coast. I have been an eclectic pagan for a number of decades and after much research am now settling into heathenry, while also being drawn into my wife’s kitchen witchery!

Believe strongly in diversity and inclusivity, and always willing to talk.
Now retired, but have had a number of different careers, including civil servant, teacher, photographer and data manager. My last job was working on the domestic abuse team at a women’s centre.

Love making things and now have the time to do all those crafts I enjoy, as well as learning new ones. When not doing that, I am out walking or playing one of my numerous musical instruments.