Sif Brookes – National LGBTQIA+ Manager

My name is Sif (she/her), I’m bi/pan, and I’m the National LGBTQIA+ Manager for the Pagan Federation. I’m also one of the Copy Editors for the Pagan Dawn magazine, and generally love to write. I’m also a digital artist, and focus in on deity representations – I especially love to create representations that resonate with the pagans that worship them. Or otherwise use the medium as a devotional act to connect with the gods I worship.

I am also the co-host of an inclusive podcast with a couple of eclectic witches. I am in my late twenties, love spooky things, high fantasy/D&D, video games, research and so many other things I can’t think of at the moment. I am a recon Norse Heathen, with a specific interest in pre-Christian Nordic beliefs around death and burial. My hearth cult revolves around those elements, and I worship Hel, Freyja, Eir, Sif, Skadi and the Valkyries predominantly, though – of course – worship all of the Norse gods. I am specifically interested in historical seidr and the nordic ideas around the soul, with ties to the Valkyries (a particular obsession of mine). I think that’s it!

My name is Cat (she/her), I’m I’m the Deputy National LGBTQIA+ Manager for the Pagan Federation.  I live in South Wales and have a love for nature, herbs, wellbeing and improving the world around me.  I enjoy writing, reading and being outside around my plants.
I live with my husband, children and a variety of animals, I believe that family isn’t formed by blood but by love, authenticity and respect.