How We…Introduce Pagan Tools

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Each month, members of the Children & Families team will be sharing How We have introduced aspects of our community to our children. We will cover everything from the Aether to Zeus and we invite you on our journey.  We continue with How We…Introduce Pagan Tools

My path is eclectic, and I don’t really use tools often in my practise but I do have some that I’ve acquired over the years that are now getting a little more love.

Because my little dilophosaurus most commonly sees witches depicted as the baddies in the stories, I am open with them about being a witch and showing them there’s more than just those stories. Part of doing this is letting them explore my tools, with supervision, and we talk about them and what they can be used for. They have their own homemade wand and I made felt tools for them so that they could set up their own little area. They help set up the family altar for the festivals and moons, so we chat about which tools, if any, we want and why.

I also made them nomenclature cards / flashcards for common altar tools, great for discussions, especially for the ones I don’t have/use myself, and printing two copies makes for a great version of the memory game.

Manager, Children & Families Team

I’ve never been one for tools. I do have a wand, a fallen stick I found on the ground, but I don’t use it. The children know what it is but that’s more due to watching Harry Potter than my explanation. I do have a goblet and bell but as I don’t use these either they are also not discussed.

Tools I tend to use are incense, candles and some crystals. The use of incense and salt I have talked about in its use of purification and house blessing. I have explained how crystals have energies and the children are familiar with rose quartz. They also know the use of candles and how they create focus and how the different colours are used to represent various aspects.

It’s all very basic in our house, having neither the inclination or resources to splash out on ritual tools they’ve never really featured.

Mid-West & Wales Liaison, Children & Families Team

Tools have always been important in our practice as a family. My two were preparing ‘anti-monster spray’ from when they were little as this helped with nightmares and made for comfortable sleep. This meant they learnt about preparing spell bottles, using incense, resins, herbs, oils and such, to create a blend that properly held their intention for the spell.

As all my tools have been items that others have gifted to me, I have been able to share the importance and purpose of each with my children when I have received them. We have a family altar and my tools live there. As Wiccans, we have the 8 tools, they have never been hidden from my children and we only discussed them when they wanted to.

My daughter is finding her way back to the craft and I recently bought her some of her own items which she told me she had been thinking about buying for herself. She remembered their uses, has been feeling her way around her spiritual path and felt these would assist with this. I find I am pleased that she remembered our early discussions.

Deputy Manager, Children & Families Team