Last week I shared with you some of my thoughts on the equinox and how I was going to celebrate it. One of the things I said was keeping a gratitude journal, to remind me of all the good that is in my world, to help counteract the negativity that constantly bombards us.

I thought I might share with you what I’ve written so far.

Wednesday 22nd September

equinox shared with someone who understood and felt the same. The wheel has turned and I’m looking forward to the autumn weather. Quiet discussion and evaluation on what has happened since Lammas, and shared meal complete with pudding delivered to the house.

Thursday 23rd September

my daughter and her fiancé have invited me to go on holiday with them to Wales. So excited. Our household out of Covid isolation, PCR tests clear.

Friday 24th September

youngest daughter visited today. She settled down on the settee for a nap. Lovely to know that she still feels that this is her home where she is welcome to stay. Son found petrol. Facebook community group for our area helped each other by sharing what they knew about local garages.

Saturday 25th September

morning out shopping for nothing in particular. Good to just walk around window shopping.

Sunday 26th September

Sunday lunch, shared meal, sharing laughter. A lovely review for my novel.

‘This is one of those books I just couldn’t put down. The magic and mystery of it all made for a wonderful read.’

It’s great when people take time out to leave feedback.

Monday 27th September

my daughter is allowed out of isolation (She’s had covid.) she’s still exhausted, still not enjoying food as she did, but recovering.

I know I have a lot to be grateful for. I’ve always known this. Even in my dark times when life has been difficult, I have had good people around me. I’ve been able to take joy from the love that fills my world, from the changing of the seasons with their own unique personalities, from the sky at night with the moon that calls me. And all this helps me cope with the bad and move on.

Writing it down seems a bit unnecessary, and I don’t know if I will maintain this, yet keeping a record seems a wonderful idea, a permanent reminder of the good things. Something to look back on if life gets rough, to help focus on the good days.

It also occurred to me that it would be possible to keep a journal of the bad things that happen, of loss or disappointment. I could have said how terrible that my daughter was ill, that we couldn’t have visitors due to Covid isolation, that there’s a petrol shortage, that my daughter fell asleep, the cheeky mare. Or something like that!

I think I am fortunate that my mind doesn’t work like that. I am an optimist, always looking on the bright side of life. (So did my husband. We played that song from Monty Python’s Life of Brian at his funeral, as it summed him up so well.) I know that my pagan beliefs support my approach to life. Something else to be grateful for.

Written by Portland Jones, Disabilities Liaison for Pagan Federation Midlands