Debi Gregory takes over as manager of the Community Support Teams from the beginning of 2020…….

Debi has several roles within the Pagan Federation. As well as being Community Support Officer she is also Deputy Social Media Manager and Chair of the 50th Anniversary Celebration Committee.

Debi Gregory comes from mining stock in the heart of Yorkshire. She, her husband and their three additional needs children live in Yorkshire and enjoy nature walks, baking, reading and bickering together.

It had always been apparent to Debi that community and family were important to a person’s wellbeing and she sought a community in which she could support and be supported by her peers. She finally found this in the Pagan community and has since thrown herself into supporting the community through her work with the Pagan Federation and Pagan Aid. She organised the first ever online festivals, which have reached tens of thousands of people in the last three years, is running the Pagan Federation 50th anniversary calendar and runs the site Witch Path Forward, with two others, which will soon merge with Debi’s page Pondering’s of a Pagan Parent.

Debi recently made the decision to study towards becoming an Educational Psychologist after years of watching the education system fail students and despairing at the lack of overall wellbeing care in the education system, as an additional needs student then as a parent of additional needs children.

After watching her children try to conquer the National Trust’s list of 50 things to do before you’re 11 & 3/4, Debi began to write little stories that eventually became the Elemenpals, which were deliberately designed to resonate with young children, additional needs children and families, to encourage education about and connection with our natural world.
The Elemenpals features a non-verbal character that is based on a combination of Debi’s autistic daughter and her autistic nephew, both of whom struggle with consistent verbal communication. Through this character, Debi hopes to show the diverse shapes that learning can take and how people of all abilities, needs and backgrounds can find their peace in nature.

Debi tries to combine knowledge, a love of nature and family to create stories that empower, educate and entertain. She also wishes she’d asked someone else to write this bio for her!