A to Z of Intrafaith

In this series of blogs, I’m hoping to cover as many of the paths and general terminology that can be considered as being associated with paganism.  We are a community rich in diversity and the blog will highlight this.


Alexandrian Wicca – a tradition within the religion of Wicca. It was founded by Alex Sanders (after which it is named) and his wife Maxine. The tradition was established in the 1960s and is largely based on Gardnerian Wicca but contains other elements including Qabalah, Hermeticism, ceremonial magic and Enochian magic.

Alchemy – a philosophical tradition and considered a protoscience in its original context. Today it can be more of a spiritual path in modern esoteric circles, applying Hermetic principles and practices relating to mythology, religion and spirituality.

Ancestor Worship – the practice of rituals to commemorate and/or venerate the spirits of departed ancestors.

Animism – from the Latin meaning “breath” “spirit” or “life,” it is the attribution of living spirit to all things including animate beings, inanimate objects, places and natural phenomena.

Asatru – a contemporary revival of a Northern European polytheistic religion.  The name is an Icelandic term meaning “faith in the Aesir.” Often referred to as Heathenry. Atheopaganism – an earth honouring religious path rooted in science.