How We…Introduce Our History

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Each month, members of the Children & Families team will be sharing How We have introduced aspects of our community to our children. We will cover everything from the Aether to Zeus and we invite you on our journey.  We continue with How We Introduce Our History.

At 5 years old, we’ve not really introduced our history, at least not as far as the witch trials or our modern revival goes. We do, however, watch a lot of Time Team and talk about our ancestors in terms of Celts, Romans, Anglo Saxons etc, and the stories (Mythologies) of those people. For now, that’s enough.

Manager, Children & Families Team

We have no Pagan history as a family, we don’t come from a long line of hereditary witches. My parents, grandparents and great grandparents were all Christians. If you go far enough back however, we discover Scottish and Germanic ancestry and apparently my fingers are a genetic trait of the Norse. I’m not sure if that’s true but I read it once and like to imagine a rich historical lineage which the children find amusing. I tell them I am a descendant of a French Templar Knight who fled to Scotland and who happened to be a descendant of the Viking Rollo who was king of France. 

To be honest Pagan history is not something that’s talked of in depth in our house. They do know about the persecution of pagans in times past in the same way they know about the persecution of other faith groups through history. The fundamental teaching being that nobody should be persecuted for their religious beliefs or way of life. 

It’s how we act now that matters, the past cannot be changed. 

Mid-West & Wales Liaison, Children & Families Team

As with Hannah, my family don’t appear to have any particular Pagan roots, although, my Dad has told me and my siblings since we were young that we are direct descendants of the last king of Ireland, I’ve never investigated this, but it is a good story. 

Introducing our history to my children was more through stories than through any purposeful teaching. Most of the ‘history’ I have shared with my kids were the myths and legends from the Irish, Greek and Roman pantheons.  They grew up with strong images of what the Gods were like but we never really explored the people who were worshiping those Gods.

It wasn’t until recent years that we have discussed the persecution of witches and that only came about because of television shows such as the reboot of Sabrina; and my girl has begun to research the history of Paganism and witchcraft, as part of her exploration as a Seeker and an adult.

Deputy Manager, Children & Families Team