Family Deities: Zara Mama

Who is Zara Mama?
There’s not much information on this deity but she was an Incan goddess whose name means “grain mother.” Also known as Mama Zara and Sara Mama, she was a fertility, grain and corn goddess, being particularly associated with maize that had grown in multiples or had an unusual formation. These particular corn cobs were dressed to look like Zara Mama in a robe, cloak and silver clasp. It was believed these were then incarnations of the goddess herself.

Why is Zara Mama one of our Family Deities?
She has been included in the family pantheon as she is a mother goddess and also because she was specifically connected to the unique corn that hadn’t grown like the others deeming them robe just as important as the other corn. This shows non prejudice which I think is an excellent quality.

Honouring Zara Mama
To honour Zara Mama you could make a corn or maize doll, using maize in a meal and blessing the food in her honour. You could dance around a willow tree and leave offerings of popcorn and celebrate uniqueness.

The corn dolls were hung from willow trees which are sacred to Zara Mama and festive dances are performed around the trees, after which the corn dolls are burnt to assure a plentiful supply of corn. As maize was a staple food of the Incans Zara Mama would have been an important deity.

Zara Mama Correspondences:
We weren’t able to find any references to the correspondences for Zara Mama, we would be delighted if you would be able to share any you know of.

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