Family Deities: Rhea

Who is Rhea?
Rhea is a Titan Goddess of the Greek Pantheon often seen as a Mater Theon (Mother of the Gods) and her name has often been translated as “flow” or “ease”.

Why is Rhea one of our Family Deities?
She was married to Kronos (the God of Time) who feared being overpowered by one of their children, as prophesied by Earth Goddess Gaia and Uranus (his mother and father). Kronos vowed to swallow any child that Rhea gave birth to (/don’t worry, it works out Ok in the end/) and after he had swallowed several children, being Demeter, Hera, Hestia, Hades, and Poseidon, the protective Goddess Rhea could take no more and acted quickly.

When her next son, Zeus, was born, she hid him in a cave and instead gave Kronos a rock wrapped in a swaddling cloth which he promptly swallowed thinking it was Zeus.

However, Zeus grew to be an adult, having been protected by the Earth Goddess, Gaia, his grandmother, and Rhea using many tricks and magics to protect her child from the eyes and ears of Kronos, with the help of her warrior friends that made noise to hide Zeus’ cries, the nymphs that nursed him, and a magical goat to provide milk for nourishment.

Zeus, once older, was provided a potion by Metis (the Goddess of planning, cunning, and wisdom), that he gave to Kronos causing him to be sick… releasing the other children, and the rock.

Rhea symbolises all things linked to the wilderness and wild lands, she is the powerful Titan Goddess linked to children, childbirth, fertility, and motherhood. Some of the earliest forms of celebrating motherhood or “Mother’s Day” where celebrated by honouring Rhea in Ancient Greece.

Honouring Rhea
Spending time in wild areas and looking after them. Having children involved would certainly be honouring Rhea. Making Pinecone decorations and wildflower arrangements would also be a good way of honouring the Rhea.

Rhea Correspondences:
Motherhood, fertility, and wild lands.


Images of Rhea are usual depicting her with her two lions, wearing a turret crown.
Other symbols include fir trees, mountains, and cymbals.


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