During the very first online festival, back in Beltane of 2016, the disabled and carers of our community cried out for a fully inclusive and accessible camp event and we can now, after many years of planning and discussion, gladly announce that we are moving forward with plans to deliver such an event!

Our first public phase, sending out a questionnaire to assess if our plans matched the needs of the community, is complete and we thank those who generously gave up their time and energy to fill that in and share it!

We are now onto phase two of Operation Wellness Retreat, which is raising funds to ensure that the ticket prices for this accessible and inclusive event are within the financial reach of our target audience!

This may seem like a HUGE amount of money but much of it will, we hope, be covered by grant funding. This amount covers the cost of catering, booking the fully accessible and inclusive venue with rooms, beds, pods, accessible and gender neutral bathrooms/shower rooms and more!

If you could donate, we would be eternally grateful! If you can’t manage to donate, please share! And if you have any ideas on how you could organise a fundraiser for us, to help us to put together this retreat that will, for some, be the only event they’ll ever be able to manage in our community, we would appreciate any help we can get!