The online Imbolc Festival 2018

The Pagan Federation Team recently ran an online disabilities festival for Imbolc – this was held on Facebook, and some of the videos were posted directly to Facebook in a way that makes sharing them outside of that space difficult. In this post, we offer you the videos that also went up on youtube, so if you missed the event itself you can still enjoy much of the content.

Online Imbolc Festival 2018 – Awakening – Meet the International Disabilities Liaison. Pagan Federation Scotland Disabilities and Inclusion Officer, Lauren Edwards, introduces herself as Pagan Fed (England & Wales) new International Disabilities Liaison.

Catkins and urban nature with Nimue Brown

Imbolc Ceremonial Drumming 2018

National Deputy Disabilities Manager and District Disabilities Liaison for the South East! Jenny Luddington!

Secret Strength with Cat Treadwell

Transdruid blogger, Alex Bear, discusses awakenings and the many changes we have in our lives!

You can find the online festival in full at

This post originally appeared on our first site, in 2018