Storm by Portland Jones

How we have been reminded over the last week of how little control we have over our environment!

Storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin have subjected us to their will. They have wreaked havoc on our well-ordered lives. They have driven us indoors, damaged our homes, felled trees that have stood for years. Anything not attached they have sent spiralling through the air.

They put fear into us. We lie awake at night listening to the wind. We rush to the window at the latest bang to see what has gone flying now. We stare at the rainfall hitting the ground, wondering when will it stop.

I spent this morning collecting scattered garden ornaments from their new-found locations, returning them to their preferred positions. I have been fortunate – no damage.

And yet many of us will have also watched the storms, exhilarated by their potency. We are shaken out of our comfort zone, in awe of the power we feel around us.

We share stories. We post on Facebook, we share videos on TikTok, it’s on the news – people delight in the ferocity of storms, realising the devastation they can bring.

The elements are at work. Air we feel in the turbulent wind, water in the rain and flooding, fire in the lightning that reaches for the ground. An almost perfect reminder of the force of nature. Just earth missing.

Then last night in Birmingham UK we had an earthquake – 3.2 magnitude, not huge but enough for people to feel the tremor.

For me that makes it a full house. All the elements at play. A wonderful reminder of this magnificent world we live in.

Much as I love this weather, the reality is that many people have suffered from the extremes we have seen. I too have watched horrified for those living through difficult and harrowing circumstances. My heartfelt wishes go out to everyone affected, that they have the strength to repair and survive.

Of concern also is whether these storms are indicative of a deeper change in the weather we experience, what we can do if it is, and what we can learn from the storms to reduce the impact.

Portland Jones, Disability Liaison for Pagan Federation Midlands