Sylvia Rose

I’ve been DL for the South West since 2017, and a member of the PF for decades now! My path is mostly Reclaiming style witchcraft, which aims for a balance of inner, outer and spiritual work, so I see being a volunteer for the disabilities team as very much part of my service in this world. I’m also involved in running rituals and a moot locally, and in magical activism more generally. 

I’ve had ME for nearly 3 decades, which with other health problems results in restricted mobility and an appreciation of the problems faced by all of us with disabilities in accessing Pagan and other events, and how easily our needs can get overlooked. I believe very firmly that everyone’s needs matter and deserve taking into consideration, and as DL for the South West I appreciate the opportunity this gives me to speak out on others’ behalf.

I live in the beautiful Devon countryside, which feeds my soul even on days when I can’t get out of bed. As do phone calls from friends, playing on Facebook, and birds at my window feeder.