Pagan Voices

I asked people to join us in celebrating National Writing Day by submitting their own work to either the Pagan Federation Disabled Pagans Voices Project or the Raising Pagan Voices Project.

The response was fantastic. We have some talented writers out there. We had poems that were funny, and some that were heart wrenching. We had a brilliant take on a modern day fairy tale – The Cat and the Stable Hand. One piece had an intriguing name – The Dead House – which totally matched the story. It left you thinking.

Let’s keep this going. Talk to us about your pagan life, your life with disabilities, life in general. Tell us the things that make you mad, those that make you sad. Share the funny things, the serious things, things that make you cringe. Give us your suggestions for making the world a better place.

Tell us about your pagan path and what it means to you. People are always happy to hear about others, and to learn from them.

If you haven’t had the chance to read the flurry of submissions, the links are below. Take a look; you may well be pleasantly surprised.

Written by Portland Jones, PF Disabilities Liaison for the Midlands