We are very lucky to have a lot of support from the wider Pagan community. They help us put on our online events, share important things with our members and all provide their own unique and individual services of their own. With that in mind, we would like to support them in return so here they all are for you to go find and treasure just as much as we do.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, there’ll be more added soon!

Rachel Patterson is an Elder at The Kitchen Witch School School of Natural Witchery, has written several amazing books and does a whole world of other things too. She is always a generous contributor to our activities and we absolutely love her! You can find her here…..

Damh the Bard is one of the best known Pagan music artists, blogger and Druid. He is always kind to us and lets us use his music for online festivals, you can find his website and information here…..

Cat Treadwell is one of our best loved Pagan authors and speakers. She is frequently found to be helping us in one way or another and when she’s not doing that she serves our community as a speaker and priestess. You can find her here……..

Spriggan Mist do a shed load of all sorts for the Pagan Community and their support for the work of the Pagan Federation goes without saying. You can find details of their work here…….

Inkubus Sukkubus are one of the best known Pagan bands around and we adore them for both their music and their willingness to share with the community. Their website is here……

Mabh Savage is an author, poet and general all round amazing person! She’s also secretary for our Children and Families team…..you can find her details on any of the below links….

Diane Yates is our Hospitals Manager and general all round good person. She runs her own holistic health business and regularly contributes to our efforts…..

Heidi Patchett is our Disabilities Team Secretary and helps to run a great Moot in Newark, Nottinghamshire. You can find them on facebook…….

Jason Slowe is a busy man and helps to run both the Folkstone Pagan Circle and The Green Man Circle…..find them on Facebook here…..

Pixiephonic are a great band, you can check out their music here…..

Anna McKerrow is an author and poet whom we love and adore, you can find her work here……

Jenny helps to run the Kent Goddess Group and the Folkstone Red Tent, you can find them on Facebook here…..

Alex Bear is an amazing activist and campaigner for LGBTQIA+ issues and a regular contributor to our events, you can find his work here……

Iona Winton is one of our amazing Disability Liaisons and does plenty of her own work too, find it here……

Rebecca Beattie is an author and teacher, you can find her work here…..

David is a storyteller, blogger and Druid from Nottingham, we adore him too! Here’s his blog……

Sarah Kerr is our Children and Families Manager as well as a healer, reader and teacher, you can find her work here…….