National Writing Day 23rd June 2021

National Writing Day is an annual celebration of the power of writing creatively, inspiring people of all ages and abilities to try writing for fun and self-expression.

There are resources for children that you can download. If children see adults around them writing, children will write creatively for themselves.’ See link below for more information.

The Pagan Federation has its own writing projects.

The Disabled Pagan Voices Project showcases the creative work of people within the Pagan community with disabilities, their carers and their families.

The Raising Pagan Voices Project emerged from the Disabled Pagan Voices Project, with the intention of being inclusive towards the whole community.

Both projects are designed to give a voice to those from our community who are not always heard.

In the spirit of National Writing Day on 23rd June, it would be great to flood these projects with writing of all sorts – essay, blog post, fiction, poetry. Why not give it a try? Let’s see what we can do. This isn’t about brilliance – though I suspect we have some brilliant writers out there – it’s about having a go.

It’s not long after the summer solstice and almost midsummer. Tell us about your celebrations. Tell us what you like about summer – or don’t like. Write us a poem about the moon on a cloudless night, about sunset over a cityscape. Tell us about your dog’s antics, your princess of a cat. Pen a short story about that ghost you’re sure is around somewhere. Write about your childhood – what was school like back in the day?

On a more serious note, how does your health affect your pagan life? Are there carers who you would love to acknowledge how wonderful they are? What have you achieved in spite of everything? What would be great to see happen in the future?

The list of things you can write about is as long as your imagination. Send it roaming and see what you come up with. Tell us a little about yourself and how you found the writing. Was this the first time for you since school or are you an old hand? We would love to hear from you.