Dan Coultas
Community Support Officer and Interim Disabilities Manager

Dan is our CSO, Interim Disabilities Team Manager and Disability Liaison for the North East. He is a seafarer and a Heathen. He is also the Chairman of the Defence Pagan Network, Gothi and Co-chair of Heathens of Yorkshire, the PaganAid Membership Officer, and author of The Gods’ Own County, a Heathen Prayer Book. Dan lives in West Yorkshire with his wife Sabrina, friend Robin and two Tamaskan Huskies Geri & Freki.

In his spare time he enjoys writing, running, and spending time outdoors.

Diane Yates
Disabilities Liasion for South Central

Hi my name is Diane, I am the Disability Liaison for South Central.  I have been Pagan for most of my life, though only knew to call it that in my teens but came to terms with the word Pagan in my 20’s (I was brought up Christian where Pagan was such an awful word and connotations it took time to get over this).  I follow mainly Druid and Witchcraft traditions but am always interested in learning about other traditions so have some knowledge of other traditions such as Shamanism, Heathen, Buddhist and others.

I was born with various complications which I was able to overcome in various ways until I had a major accident in 2005 where I had to change my life and was medically retired from working as a qualified nurse.  I live with mental health challenges due to trauma and work hard to overcome them and not allow them to affect my life as much as possible.   So I get to try and test the skills and tools I suggest to others to help them.

I have since retiring from nursing after my accident qualified as a therapist and work with helping people with their difficulties and bringing the mind, body, spirit connection together, and also choose to serve my pagan community here in the PF as DL and within Hospital Ministry, but also through other Pagan organisations.

Portland is long time pagan, writer, optimist and thrower of fancy dress parties. She used to think there would be time to sleep when she was dead.  Six kids, morris dancing, playing drums with a band, rituals, camping trips  galore and working full time confirmed that sleep was a luxury she was denied.  A stroke changed all that, but she still lives life to her fullest, with university, writing, and learning to live with disability. She feels honoured and excited by this opportunity to become more involved with the wider pagan community.

Portland Jones
Disabilities Liaison for West Midlands