March Moon

Continuing our exploration of what celebration looks like in modern Pagan families, this is the next in our series of blogs from the Children & Families Team write about the traditions they have developed to celebrate the full moons of the year with their children aged 3 years and up, continuing with the March full moon.

There are many names for the March Full Moon including Storm Moon, Worm Moon, Seed Moon, Chaste Moon, Death Moon, Crust Moon and Sap Moon. My family connect most with the name of Seed Moon as gardening is important to us and this is the month we start sowing seeds in earnest.

The elements of this moon are water and fire, and we will incorporate these by toasting the moon goddess and asking her to bless us with a good sowing period with some rain (water) and some sun (fire) for growth.

Herbs and scents associated with the March Full Moon are yellow dock, wood betony, Irish moss, jasmine, sage, star anise, apple blossom, rose, jasmine, citrus, and honeysuckle. We will incorporate apple blossom as our apple trees will usually be in blossom now.

Our moon gardening activity is to do nothing unusually so it shall be spent surveying the growing area and formulating a plan of action.

Mid-West & Wales Liaison, Children & Families Team

The March full moon is in Virgo, with a total of four planets in the opposite sign of Pisces including of course the Sun. I always think this full moon carries a spring-cleaning kind of dynamic – Virgo is all about refining, perfecting and creating order out of chaos. And Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, the sign of dissolution and release. It’s time to let go, to shed what we no longer need, whether its outgrown toys or emotional patterns which no longer serve our growth.

Pisces is also a sign of reconnecting with universal energies, reminding us that no matter how divided we may feel, we are all one. There’s plenty of Virgoan anxiety about right now and with good reason, which makes it all the more important that we keep that connection alive. Children tend to be able to access it much more easily than adults might have had it conditioned out of us, so a family meditation practice allows us to learn from each other. Sitting with the breath and taking time simply to be, allows us to shed the stagnant energy of winter and move towards a new beginning at Spring Equinox when the sun moves into Aries, the astrological new year.

London District Liaison, Children & Families Team