Intrafaith – what it is and why it’s important.

Intrafaith refers to differing practices that exist within one particular belief group, in this case Paganism, and it’s important for many reasons which are outlined below.

Our paths within paganism are many and very diverse so engaging in intrafaith communication promotes tolerance and understanding within the pagan community. Lack of knowledge about other paths can lead to division and also misrepresentation in the wider world, which does not serve the pagan community well.

As some paths are more high profile, such as Druidry and Witchcraft, other paths often get overlooked and this is where intrafaith plays an important role; making sure these lesser known paths are represented equally and fairly within the community. Their voice is just as valid.

Intrafaith helps pagans to become more united. With populations and ideologies becoming more numbered and diverse it is essential to promote intrafaith dialogue so members of the pagan community do not become isolated. This dialogue between differing paths may even be beneficial as a way of learning from each other and even leading to a deepening of our own paths.

Ultimately it’s important for pagans to be able to relate to each other in order to be part of interfaith in the wider world, because if we don’t understand the extent of our own paganisms then we misrepresent our own people.

Interfaith and Intrafaith must accompany each other to project our common values and speak for all people who identify as pagan.

Hannah Semple
Intrafaith Manager