From the Window: The Bumble Bee

It’s been a real delight seeing so many people getting involved in the #frommywindow movement. The idea is that you put rainbows or something similarly bright and cheerful in your window so that when key workers (or those just out on their exercise) see them, it gives them a lift. Over 35,000 people joined in with one Facebook group started by a friend of mine in Leeds, so it’s lovely to see that hope, compassion and optimism are alive and well.

Although I’ve taken liberties with the name of this blog, it’s not actually going o be about what you can do to decorate your windows, but about things you may be able to see through them. Many of us are mainly inside for the foreseeable future, and indeed many of you may have often had long periods inside. So, if you have decent windows or a way to safely see outside, it can be startling to find out how much nature is right on your doorstep.

Today I’ve been thinking about the humble bumble bee. We’ve had several big chunky ones flying past the window this week. Some are yellow and black. Some are like soot gremlins, but with a bright orange bum. Others have white stripes.

Bees are associated with community, which seems apt right now. They all work together for the good of the colony, which can be around 200 strong. They make the most of what they can find, including building their nests in abandoned mouse holes. We don’t get honey from bumble bees, but they do a very important job for us- pollinating many of our crops, flowers, and other plants.

Take a look out of your window today, if you can, and see if you can spot one of these flying furry beasts. What other creatures can you spy out of your window? Let us know what your favourite thing about springtime nature is!

Written by Mabh Savage

Image is “bumblebee welcome” by Carolien van Oijen, copyright free via Unsplash.