Family Deities: Saraswati

Who is Saraswati?
Later she was considered to be the goddess that invented Sanskrit which is where her association with wisdom came from and her patronage of the arts and of students came about.

Her image is often seen above school gates where she is depicted as either having two or four arms and may be sat upon a swan, a lotus or a peacock and holding a piece of sugar cane or a flower to Brahma.

Why is Saraswati one of our Family Deities?
She is included as a family’s deity because she is a goddess connected to students, she has a festival held in her honour in January or February and children will often make offerings to her before they begin classes.

Honouring Saraswati
To honour Saraswati today you could make an offering of a pen, pencil, or book to her before you start a lesson, your homework, or any other writing endeavour.

Saraswati Correspondences
Items associated with Saraswati are the lute, arrow, bell, book, bow, conch, club and water jar, as well as the colour white.

Animal associations are peacock or swan.

Yellow & white flowers
White cloth
Sandalwood and saffron
Pens & books
Boondi Ka Prasad

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