Family Deities: Pilumnus

Thanks for joining us for another Families’ Deity! We’re exploring deities that tie into families and family values, or who are important to the family unit or children in some way. This month, we are exploring another protective god, Pilumnus

Who is Pilumnus?

Pilumnus or Staker as he is also referred to, is a Lesser Roman God associated childbirth protection, crops and teaching.  He is a nature Deity, who also gave humans the knowledge and skills to grind corn, ensuring their survival.

He is brother of Picumnus, husband of Danaë, father of Danaus and ancestor of Turnus.  He was worshiped by the people in Mantua Italy and was referenced by the Roman poet Virgil in his writings.

Why is Pilumnus of our Family Deities?

Pilumnus is important to people who are expecting a child, he can be called upon during the time of childbirth to ensure the safe delivery of the infant and in turn his continued protection throughout the child’s life ensuring they grow, learn and thrive to lead long and healthy lives.

Honouring Pilumnus:

When calling upon Pilumnus before the birth of a child, a bed should be made for him to ensure his assistance.  On the first night following the birth, a meal should be prepared to thank him for his assistance and ask him for his continued support and protection.  A ritual involving driving a stake into the land to call upon Pilumnus when sowing, planting and harvesting crops can be undertaken.  An offering of fresh baked bread can be given as an offering.

Pilumnus correspondences:

Pilumnus is associated with the pestle, stake and grain.

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