Family Deities: Ipy

Thanks for joining us for another Families Deity! We’re exploring deities that tie into families and family values, or who are important to the family unit or children in some way. This month, we are exploring the nurturing god, Ipy.

Who is Ipy?
Ipy is a female Egyptian God, who is known by several names, including Mistress of Magical Protection and The Great Ipy.  In all guises, Ipy is associated with pregnancy and protection, as are many female Egyptian gods.

There are no records of who her parents are, however, it is believed she is an ancient god.

She is shown as a mostly hippopotamus, standing on her back legs, with aspects of human, lion and crocodile.

It is believed by some, due to Ipy being an ancient god and her connection to Thebes, that either her temple is where Osiris was reborn or she is his mother.

Why is Ipy one of our Family Deities?
There is a reference to Ipy in the Pyramid Text, which are a collection of ancient Egyptian spells, and which tells of the king of the time requesting to nurse from her and that this will mean he would not be thirsty or hungry for ever.

She is referred to as nourishing and protective.

Honouring Ipy
It is not recorded how people would honour Ipy, however, wands with the image of Ipy on have been used as protection for mothers during childbirth.

Talismans have been found with a representation of Ipy on them, it is assumed they are used by pregnant and new mothers to ward off harm.

It is believed a temple dedicated to Ipy stood in Thebes but it is not recorded when this was built nor when if fell.

Ipy Correspondences


Ivory dagger

In images, Ipy is often shown leaning on Sa, which is a symbol of protection.

Lighting incense is a good way to make an offering to Ipy

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