DPVP does NaPoWriMo – The Phone Call by Iona

The Phone Call

She didn’t talk for long
What she said touched me
I had been there myself

The call had woken all those memories again
Memories etched deep in my soul
Carved blood red on my heart
Like tribal initiation scars.

I was overwhelmed with pain
Her pain, my pain
The pain of so many
No longer trusting
No longer strong

It hurt so much.
Enveloped in tears, I wept
Hoping to flow away into eternity
To a place,
Where pain would never find me.

I cried like a child,
Sobbing and croaking,
Trying to catch my weak breath….
Exhaustion led to deep sleep

I woke

Full of surprise
The world was still spinning
The sun still in the sky
Oblivious to the fact our
Lives had changed for ever.


This post originally appeared on our first site, dis-spelling.org.uk in 2018