DPVP does NaPoWriMo – Only She Can Judge Me by Jen

Only She Can Judge Me

There are worse secrets

Still people are shocked

When I confess

I really, really like…

A diminutive reality

TV star, whose wisdom shines far 

Surely Solomon reborn

In the TV courtroom genre

Endless streams of litigants

Seek binding arbitration

Over such foul, heinous acts Dodgy prom gowns, loans owing

Pets attack, who should pay

The mounting ER bill

Whose fault the fender bender

Fear not all will be revealed

Her pithy quips fall from her lips

Defendants are left raging

When Judge Judy exclaims

“Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining”  


This post originally appeared on our first site, dis-spelling.org.uk in 2018