DPVP does NaPoWriMo – I Know A Druid by Anna

I Know A Druid…

Oh i know a druid with a long and knobbly staff
At each and every gorsedd it always gets a laugh
It keeps the bards and ovates chortling from Imbolc to Yule
Though it could do with polishing and it needs a new ferrule.
Some say it’s made of bog oak, some say ’tis made of yew,
And passers by, they say ‘Hey bloke
Show us your didjeridoo.’
We treat it with respect, and all regard it as a friend
‘Cause when it’s stood erect
We hang the banner on the end.
At every pagan meeting, when he waves it about
People give a happy cheer, and raise a mighty shout!
The Wiccans, they all giggle, and the hedge witch starts to laugh
And calls ‘Hooray! Here comes that druid, with his knobbly staff!’


(This poem can also be sung to the tune of “My Old Man’s A Dustman”)

This post originally appeared on our first site, dis-spelling.org.uk in 2018