DPVP does NaPoWriMo – I Don’t Write Poems by Debi

I Don’t Write Poems

I don’t write poems
I find it really hard
I used to write them all the time
But not any more.

I don’t write poems
It’s too much emotion for me
I don’t want to dig deep enough
To write the poetry I used to.

I don’t write poems
I like to make them rhyme
And writing well enough to rhyme
Feels like too much braining right now.

I don’t write poems
I have no poetry in me
I used to be verbose and witty
Now my writing’s really shitty.

I don’t write poems
Hey, I managed a rhyme
This is first poem i’ve written for years
Wow, it’s crap.


This post originally appeared on our first site, dis-spelling.org.uk in 2018