Ellie Morgan-Davies is our Disabilities Team Secretary…..

Ellie Morgan-Davies originated from North Wales many years ago in the mists of time. She trained as a Mental Health Nurse at Chester and specialised in Dementia services, eventually working as a Community Psychiatric Nurse in memory assessment services.

After 26 years it became too much, physically and mentally due to pressures of the job, difficult personal relationships and dealing with osteoarthritis, depression, anxiety and fibromyalgia. Medically retired by her GP in November 2017 she has worked on her spiritual journey and friendships in Newark and surrounding areas.

Ellie “found out” about Paganism in the late 1990’s and has mostly practiced as a solitary. She set up a moot in Sleaford, Lincolnshire in 2013 and prior to that was part of a Moot in Boston, Lincolnshire, and continued to support it and enjoy rituals and celebrations as they were arranged. She moved for 3 years to Newark and was part of their Moot and celebrations and enjoyed being part of the group, especially attending Pagan Pride at Nottingham for a few years.

The Deities conspired to bring Ellie back to North Wales in the meantime as most of her family are still there and she started to make friends on visiting family for extended periods.  These new Pagan, LGBTQ+ friends introduced her to Angel in February 2019. Angel is also Pagan and has her own disabilities to deal with and together they are able to love, support and care for each other which has made a big difference to both of them. After saying a few years ago that she would never live near her family again, she had an extended stay in Spring ’19 and she moved back in July 2019, marrying Angel on Samhain 2019.

Ellie enjoys nature, history, reading, watching interesting stuff on tv (mostly historical), films, travel, going out for meals and going to the pub. She has adopted  Angel’s 3 cats after having to let hers go in July 2018 for housing reasons. Syd is now her 4 pawed friend, a nosy, tubby, loving, little black cat who resembles Ellie in far too many ways and Seren is Angel’s shadow, a black cat who is very clever and independent.  Leo, a ginger boy is happy to share loves and cuddles when he is home.