Iona Winton

Hi, I’m the PF Disability Liaison for East Anglia. I’m a 63yr old crone with over 45yrs of Pagan living. Being bought up in a ‘free range’ way, my childhood was spent in the countryside, woods, and by the East Anglia coastline.  I love the moon and the vast lore surrounding its cycles.

I’ve suffered from various ‘hidden’ ailments which have affected the way I now live. Fibromyalgia with its constant pain and fatigue has now caught up with me and changed my life; on top of this I have curvature of the spine which limits my mobility, and activities.  I also have a Blog where I record what its like to be Pagan and live with constant pain.

I’m a Gardnerian HP’s, and used to run a teaching coven in Scotland. In the past I have written for International periodicals and UK newspapers. My work history involves Teaching in Schools & colleges, running a Women’s Refuge, Agony Aunt, and having my own Psychotherapy practice.

I hope to represent my local disabled Pagans of any path and improve on the help and information already available to PF members and others.