Charge of the Mutable One – An RVPV Submission

Charge of the Mutable One

I call upon the mutable one who is known by many names,
Loki, Mohini, Hapi, Inari, Dionysus, Cybele, Uumarnituq
Whose gender is not fixed but fluid,
Who walks the path that flows between worlds,
Who sees beyond enforced rigidity
And dances the sacred dance to their own rhythm
Whose path transcends into freedom,
And challenges us to see beyond the surface,
Whose courage empowers us to be ourselves,
And achieve our place in life through transformation to be at one with our spirit
To embrace change without fear,
To embrace in the in-between
To tear down the divides and live outside the boundaries,
And be the bridge between two worlds
We call upon their blessings and the lessons that they teach us,
And welcome them into our presence

Robert Stacey