Batty Nan – here for you….

We have an entirely fictional character known as Batty Nan who acts as a figurehead for the whole community support team and appears on this website in the shape and form of an agony aunt with some knowledge and experience of Paganism and witchcraft. Questions sent to Batty Nan will be answered by the secretaries of each team, and other members of the team where necessary, but usually by the one who feels they have most expertise in the area covered by the question.

This enables our community to get the best possible advice but please be aware that we are all volunteers with different backgrounds and none of us are doctors or health care professionals so always consult your doctor or other health professional before changing your lifestyle, health regime or medication.

To ask our Agony Aunt team a question, get advice, or to submit a spoof scenario for Batty Nan, please contact us through our Batty Nan contact page.