30 Days Wild With a Difference!

So, this month is the Wildlife Trust’s Wild Month!

They’re asking people to sign up and do something wild every day this month! Even if it’s something as simple as sitting in the garden, watching the sun set, counting bees or something complicated like doing a mini wildlife survey, building a bug hotel or taking part in some of the many events the Wildlife Trust is holding all over the UK this month!

So, we on the Disabilities Team were wondering what we could do to make this as accessible as possible and to encourage others to think outside the box when accessing their nature. So, we’ve signed up to 30 Days Wild as a team and every day when we get the prompts, we’re going to discuss what we can do to make this prompt as Pagan and accessible as possible!

Now, this may well mean that we can’t do a thing every day but that means we can spread this over the whole summer!

Today we’re just introducing what we’re doing but keep your eyes peeled for more info, blog spots, videos, posters and other stuff to show you what we’ve been up to and the experiments we’ve been engaging in to try and find the most accessible way possible to access nature! 


xXx Debi xXx

To get involved or sign up to the 30 Days Wild, you can go to the Wildlife Trust’s website! And if you do join in, please let us know so we can share in this together! 😀

This post originally appeared on our first site, dis-spelling.org.uk in 2018